Knitting in the round?

I have knitted two dish rags and I am now attempting to knit a diaper cover for my baby. I am knitting in the round on very small cable needles. My question is about the stich marker, it is not split, but smooth. How are they supposed to come off? It says that they are supposed to slip easily from one needle to the next, but mine looks like it is knitted into my work. Should I just use a twist tie? I’m such a dork. I know the answer is simple.

that type of stitch marker sits on your needle rather than on the yarn. it is designed to mark your place in a round or row. if it is sat on the needle then you can jut pass it from one needle to the other when you get to it.

I’m new to knitting so take my comment with a big gain of salt. I find that if my marker is hanging in back of the knitting (the side away from me) then I seem to knit it to place. If it is hanging in front of the piece it flows from needle to needle fairly easily and doe not get entwined in the knitting.

this type of marker is usually bought in bulk, and are pretty cheap, so if you do end up knitting it into your work, don’t fear. just get a pair of scissors and chop it. Then you can actually reuse it as it can now be removed from the needle by being pulled off instead of slipped from needle to needle! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips, I was wondering if I could just chop it!

It will get easier- the more you knit… but, this type is just slipped to the next needle when you reach the stitch marker as you knit across the rows.

I did this same thing myself when I was first learning how to knit. The directions that I had ‘said nothing’ about slipping the stitch marker when you got to it-- nor, was there the wonderful world of the Internet then or as many knitting books as are availabe now… so, I was clueless about what to do… but, I quickly realized that ‘something’ wasn’t quite right! :aww:

I had the same question pbt! It’s knitting magic :slight_smile: