Knitting in the round

Alright…I’ve watched the videos, I’ve read my books but one thing they all haven’t told me…is what happens when I don’t have enough stitches to reach the other side of the circular needle? Many of my patterns call for smaller amounts of sts and then say “join in round” how can I do that if it won’t reach? :wall:

basically if that is the case the best bet is to either cast on more loosly if it isn’t toooo much space. if it is a lot of space you will probably have to switch to DPNs. that is definitely frustrating though!

I’d use the three needle method buuuuut I’ve tried that and ended up literately yelling at the yarn…and needless to say it didn’t reply lol

You need a shorter needle. :frowning: You can always use a needle smaller than called for, but never larger than called for.

You’re only alternative is to use magic loop or two circs, or dpns. I don’t know if someone new to knitting can really ‘get’ magic loop or two circs. I don’t think I would have understood them unless I had experience knitting in the round already. But, you might be a quicker study than I. Dpns look intimidating, but they’re really not that bad.

Knitting on the right size circs is the easiest, though, but if you can’t fit your stitches around, you can’t use that length needle.

I’m an alright smart kind of girl…I can usuaslly pick up soemthing pretty quick but one thing’s for sure…dpn’s make me wanna cry lol they are my everest!

what do the instructions say for casting on? How many stitches, what kinda yarn, what size needle?

By how much are your needles “too short”? This is why circs come in so many lengths. Unfortunately many stores don’t carry all the lengths.

well I’m using size 3 and it calls for size 5 (3 is all I have and can find) anyways it’s about half way to the other side before it becomes too short.

Circs come in lengths from 8" (unusual) up to 40". Directions usually tell you what length you need for that particular pattern. A lot of people buy interchangeable sets that come with needles and different length cords.

First, let’s scold Ingrid for doubting that anyone can learn a new knitting skill.

:fingerwag: BAD Ingrid! BAD! :fingerwag:

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Second, did you check out the videos for small diameter circular knitting on the Advanced Tachniques tab above? Amy shows you both the 2-circs and the magic loop methods.

When you describe your circular needles, there will be 2 numbers…the needle size (2’s, 5’s, etc.) and the length (16", 24", etc.)

I say GO FOR IT!

I thought I qualified my statement by saying ‘I’ wouldn’t have understood it. I know I wouldn’t have understood either if I hadn’t had experience. I believe that anyone can learn anything, but not necessarily all at once.

We’re not all brave champions like you Kelly!

well backing away from the scoldings between those two!.. :rollseyes:

i think that part of your problem is that you are using needles that are too small for the work. in order to get around you would have to cast on extra stitches. also, how many inches does it say your circ is suppose to be? (what are you knitting?)

Ingrid knows me well enough to know Im bein SILLY. AGAIN. :happydance:

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I’m not sure if it will make that much of a difference but Amy does suggest casting on to a larger needle as a way of “cheating”. Obviously the needle for the cast on doesn’t have to be circular. It may be worth a try. :smiley: