Knitting in the round

I’m new and having some trouble maneuvering, but I think I’ve landed in the right place to ask my question. I fully understand the reverse knitting idea when working in the round, i.e. working in the opposite stitch called for in flat knitting. My question is about working pattern stitches in the round. I am trying to do an eyelet pattern in the round that calls for 3+2 when flat, but since I didn’t want to have a large section of stockinette running thru my knitting I left the 2 out. Now I’m always off…what is causing this or am I thinking about this all wrong?

It depends on your stitch pattern. See my reply in the other thread.

K 1 row, P 1 row, K2, YO, K2tog, K1, K last row - I eliminated the K2 in the 3rd row since I didn’t want to have a large section of stockinette running through the knitting. The problem has been that the eyelets, which are supposed to be directly under each other, are all askew. I can’t knit further b/c the whole pattern is off now. I’ve tinked back multiple times, and I always get this anomaly–your advice will be greatly appreciated. Pris

Do you immediately get off, or after several rows of pattern? Is is possible for you to just “read” the knitting and place the eyelets over top of each other? That may work if the place where you start a new row is on target to begin with.

Is it possible that you are losing or gaining a stitch somewhere? Count your stiches carefully after you do the pattern round, have you lost or gained? It is pretty easy to do when you are doing YO and K2tog, if you miss one somewhere it will throw you off.

I usually figure these kinds of things out by the primitive method of making a mark on a sheet of paper for each stitch and then figuring out if the pattern fits before I start to knit. I put a little ^ above two stitches that are to be knit together, and remember that a YO doesn’t really effect any stitch, but falls between. Then to picture in the round you have to mentally bring the two ends together and see if the pattern stays even through the join. l l l l l l l l for each stitch and then tic them off as I go across from right to left, one for each knit, and a ^ over the K2togs and see if it works.

It doesn’t seem that this pattern stitch is so complicated that it would need more than the basic adjusting that you are thinking of, but I haven’t tried knitting it up, so I could be missing something. Does the way you have written it out show the flat directions, or your round adjustment? If it’s the flat, you just do the eyelets every third row and it is all stockinette. Are the 3 rows the whole of the pattern? If what you’ve given is what you have to do in the round it would mean you need to do garter work, knitting/purling every other round. That would make it a little more complicated because with the pattern every 3rd row some would fall on knit rows and some on purl rows.

I hope these thoughts help you figure out what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I have done charts like you are talking about for lace, but this is such a simple pattern stitch that I don’t really need a chrt. I keep thinking that I am missing one of the knits, and that is what is throwing me off, but I tink back and everything is in order and I set out to do it again and I will invariably be off by one and, yes, I have the correct # of stitches on the needles–it’s been maddening!

I sometimes miss a YO when doing these really easy ones.

Thanks to all of you who posted trying to help. Earlier today I went back to it and looked really hard at it. I had already done three repeats of this pattern so I knew that the math was correct, and I had tinked back almost a whole row and not seen any mistakes…BUT, I remember losing my stitch marker on the previous round and sure enough when I looked at my tail, I discovered I had placed it just one stitch off and thus, the problem. I knitted about 5 inches after that–yeah! There is aways a reason in knitting–I guess it’s just having the patience to try to figure it out. Thanks again!