Knitting in the round

is there another way of knitting in the round then the video. i cant see what she is doing to hook the first stitch together thanks :shrug:

Do you mean on circulars? Make sure the working yarn is on the right hand needle and stick your needle in like you do with flat knitting. When you bring the working yarn over to wrap it it joins. Try to do the first one a little tighter. I find that if it’s a little loose when I come back around to the join again I knit with the tail and the working yarn together for a couple stitches.

Here’s a couple sites.

You just cast on, and knit on. You hook the first stitch together by knitting it without turning the first row. Does that make sense? There isn’t another way except to knit it flat and seam it.

i have knit just a few things in the round. i recently bought “socks that soar…”, and her joining technique is wonderful!

  1. co your stitches on needle
  2. bring stitches all the way across your circular needles (or evenly split on your double pointed needles)
  3. take the first stitch of your cast-on (the one with the tail hanging) and slip it onto the other needle (you have a circle of stitches now)
  4. take the LAST stitch (it is now next to your first co stitch) and slip it OVER the intitial slipped stitch.

you now have a ring of stitches and a nice tight join. :cheering: