Knitting in the Round

Hi guys! I’ve recently ventured out and tried a couple of things that have to be knitted with circulars and dpns. I watched Amy’s video first, but still have a couple of questions on whether or not I did it right. :thinking:

On circulars for instance, Amy appears to knit on the inside of the circulars. Right??? By that I mean that the cable is close to her and she’s knitting on the inside of the circle as opposed to the cable being away from her and knitting on the outside.

Does this make sense?? Same for dpn’s.

The reason I ask is that I knitted on the inside and at my LYS I recently saw someone knitting on the outside of circulars. :??

Is there a right and a wrong or can you do it either way?

well i am not sure what is the right and wrong way but i just picked mine up outta my bag to see what i do and i guess i knit on the outside…the Vs are facing me anyway. i think if i did it the other way the Vs would be inside the work…hrmmm…

I really don’t think it matters too much… I would do whatever feel comfortable.

I think it does matter. Especially if you want to do color work or if there’s shaping involved. I’ve always worked on the outside with the cable away from me so the v’s are on the outside and the purls are on the inside. This is the way every book on circular knitting will tell you to do it.

It does matter. You should be working on the outside of the circle. Amy does this in her videos, but it’s hard to tell because she’s only starting the round, and the rest of the needle is just hanging down in a neutral position, same with the DPN video. If she was about an inch into the knitting, you’d see that she’s knitting on the outside. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for all the helpful info! I have pretty much plunged ahead and tried new things, reading all I can about how to and so far have had pretty good results. I’m very into this and that’s all I think about. I’m constantly planning the next project, looking for new yarns and patterns. It’s very addictive!! :heart: