Knitting in the round

Hello! I’m still new to knitting and have been teaching myself using video tutorials. I need help with changing to a contrasting color while knitting in the round (not about a “jog”).

The pattern doesn’t specify a number of rows to knit but to knit to a desired length. Do I need to keep count of rows so I know if I’m on a “rs” vs “ws?” I know this matters so the little line/seam that is created from the color change will be on the inside. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! I ended up turning the work inside out but don’t want to do that the next time. image|900x1200

What are you making? Please post a name and or link to the pattern. All patterns are different so it’s hard to say what they want you to do without seeing it. Don’t post the whole pattern here please.

When knitting in the round you are always knitting on the outside (RS) so you shouldn’t be knitting inside the work. If the pattern specifies length just knit till you have enough length.

When knitting Portuguese style and working all purls for stockinette you work on the WS but it is the outside. I guess there’s an exception to every rule.

I don’t understand the original question. When working in the round you always have the same side of the work facing you. If working garter stitch and changing colors there is that funny purl bump line on one side but if you’re working in the round it should always be on the same side as long as you make your color change on a knit round.


Here is the link to the pattern download:

I’ll try to explain what happened the best I can. I did the 2 x 2 ribbing for the first 5 rows as indicated by the pattern. From there on I simply did knit stitch since I was working in the round. This would give me stockinette stitch on the “outside” of my work.

When I switched to the contrasting color I ended up with what looked like a garter ridge with the contrasting color going through the middle of the ridge on the stockinette side. Because of this I ended up turning it inside out so that ridge was not visible. I’m not sure where I messed up. Does that make sense? Here is a picture of what happened:

Instead of it being a seamless transition that’s what I got.

It looks like you purled a round or two before the switch and with the switch.
If you’re knitting in the round just keep knitting until you go into K2/P2.

If you notice a hole any where you could’ve accidentally turned and been working on the inside at the end.

I would knit a round with the switch before going into the ribbing.

Oh that’s cute! I think what happened is you may have accidentally switched to knitting inside the tube or possibly started going backwards. This is common among new knitters. I would frog (rip) back the red part till you are back to the white and ready to start knitting. This time make sure you are on the outside of the tube and knitting right to left to start your ribbing.

When you change colors you will see little “blips” on the purl stitches at the color change. This is normal. If you want to avoid this you can knit one row of red plain then start ribbing. It really won’t show and your stripe will look nice and clean. :slight_smile:

Also post surgery knitters :grinning:

I’ve not had surgery but I’ve only been knitting for about 6 years. Maybe that’s really my problem. I got my work turned around and went the wrong way not so long ago.

I forget if I had it turned around or started knitting backwards, but I put it away and vegged on the TV. Too bad too, I couldn’t sleep at all and probably could’ve finished a hat even going slow.