Knitting in the round

HELP PLEASSSSSSSE. Ive just started knitting in the round with 4mm 40cm needle. I’ve cast on my stitches and done my first 10 rows of ribbing but for some reason the knitting is going upwards and twisting around the needles making it very hard to knit. What am I doing wrong please.

Not sure what you mean by upwards…just push it down in the center and knit on the outside of the circle of knitting. Once you get enough weight to the fabric it should just lay down nicely.

Hiya when I push it down its twisting around the needles.

Is it possible you twisted your join? If you did then there is nothing to do, but start over. Can you post a picture of it? Don’t hold he camera too close or it’s blurry.

I might have done. I’ll have a look. Thank you.

If you’ve twisted the join take heart…we all do that even those of us who’ve knit for years. I managed to do this several months ago and didn’t notice till I was 4 inches into it! Argghh! Here’s a picture of what I did if it helps.

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That’s it exactly!!! Thank you.

You’re welcome! Sorry that’s what happened! Here’s a trick… Cast on and knit a few rows flat (not in the round) then join to knit in the round. When you have a little bit of knitting done it’s easier to see that you don’t have it twisted. You can sew up the little gap at the cast on with the tail when you’re done. Also laying the cast on flat to make sure nothing is twisted helps, too.