Knitting in the round when the pattern says otherwise

I have a theoretical “how to” question.

Say, for example, I find a very simple vest pattern in stockinette. The pattern, however, calls for the front and back to be knitted up seperately, then seamed together.

If I want to get “adventurous” and knit the vest in the round up to where it seperates for the armholes, do I just add the stitches from the front and the back together and start knitting away? Then follow the instructions on the pattern for the front and back as they are stated?

I of course realize that if there is any kind of fancy stitch happening here that I have to read the instructions different since I am on the right side of my project only. Right now I’m thinking purely of a simple piece in stockinette in one color.


What I’ve ‘gotten’ from most folks here is that patterns include one stitch on each side of a flat piece for seaming.

So you’d need to subtract those stitches (from each place, 6 total for 2 front pieces & 1 back piece) for the fit to be the same as the pattern.

Depending on the size needles & yarn, that could make quite a difference…say if you were getting 3 sts to an inch, you’d have 2 extra inches in the garment.

Good Luck! Go for it, I hate seaming!


P.S. I just read your post again, and I’m not sure if the front is knitted in one piece…if it is, you’d only take 4 stitches from the total. :wink:

I just finished my son’s sweater and it called for knitting on straights. What they told me to do was add the front and back together and then subtract 4sts (two for the front and two for the back). Mine was in two pieces not three that is why I took off only 4sts. I worked up to the shaping of the armhole and then put the back sts on a separate needle and the worked the front. The size turned out perfect so I am glad Ingrid told me to take off the extra stitches. :happydance:

Thanks all! :cheering: I knew I’d get the answer I needed here. :muah:

I’m going to be choosing another sweater pattern soon and REALLY want to knit it in the round to save all that tiresome seaming. I’ll probably do the same for the sleeves.

If she’s wanting to knit it in the round, there’s probably only 4 sts to reduce. And even if it had an open front, the front edges wouldn’t be seamed, so if you wanted to knit in one piece to the armholes, it’d still be 4 sts. :wink: