Knitting in the round w/ circular needles

I’m knitting a tote, so I’ve knitted 80 rows for the base. I’m now to start knitting in the round, using circular needles, and pick up yarn from short and long sides of the piece I’ve already knitted (the 80 rows). Don’t know how to do this.

Can you post a link to the pattern?

There is also a video of picking up stitches on the help section of KnittingHelp

It is toward the bottom of the page.

Here’s the site that I got the pattern from. I’m now to the point that I’m to start working on the body…picking up stitches on all sides. This is the part that confuses me. Thanks for the help!

I find it easiest if I do the picking up and first few rows with double pt needles - just use one needle for each side.

You’ve got live stitches on one needle on one edge. It’s a little tricky to turn the corner to get to the next side (that’s why I like to use dble pt needles for this part). Use a new needle and pick up the stitches along the nest side. Then use a 3rd needle to pick up stitches on the next side - it’ll be the same number as the live stitches you started with on the first needle. Ditto the 4th side.

After you knit a few rounds with the dbl pt needles, it’s faairly easy to switch to a circular needle, you probably want a 16" needle.

SandraLu did the video help you pick up your stitches? I think watching is easier than words for my understanding.

Thanks Cancunn for the video link…it was extremely helpful!!

Mirl56, I’ll give this a try…and the video Cacunn sent was great. I’m not the best with the DP that’s why I chose this pattern, since I’m use to circular needles…but there’s hope for me yet. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks Cacunn…I want to call you Cancun…guess I’m thinking about a vacation!! Your video link was extremely helpful. Bear with me…I’m getting use to this website and how it works. I should’ve been a man since I don’t like to read the “how to utilize this site”. Thanks again!!

One more thing…I’m use to starting on DP (at the beginning of a project), but have never used them after knitting 80 rows. I think this is what is most confusing.

They have a how to utilize this site faq? I just click on buttons to find out where it goes. I drive my DW crazy on trips because I drive the same way.

But as to your question, on this I may not be the one to ask, I have not been knitting that long. knit socks toes-up to avoid picking up stitches at the flap. But IMHO a needle is a needle, if it can be done with DP it can be done with circulars, and on the other side if it can be done with circulars it can be done with DP. A lot has to do with what you are comfortable with.

Like the video I was taught to pick up and knit straight to the circular needle. I may be easier if you use a longer circular needle than a short needle.

It’s just a little awkward getting a circular needle around the square or rectangular bottom for the picking up and knitting the first few rounds. But you can certainly try it - just don’t be afraid to smoosh the base out of shape. Once you get an inch or two knit, it goes right back into it’s proper shape.

I find that by using a long circular needle I could “magic loop” at the corner. Knit to the corner, stop, pull the needle out with a few inches of cable, loop the cable and come back in at a 90 degree angle. To do this you would need a longer cable than needed just to knit around the outer edge or that you would need in just a few rows.

But one thing I like about knitting is that there are so many right ways to do something. I was thinking about a square project this morning and I think I will have to look into using DPs in the way Mirl56 suggested. If all you use are circular needles you sometimes forget that DPs or straights might be better for this project.

Thanks Mirl56 for an alternative approach.

Ahh - Excellent idea, too!!

You could keep using that longer needle if you didn’t or couldn’t switch to a shorter circ by using the modified ML and just have one ‘loop.’

Yep, making a loop at the corners until you have the first few sts picked up on the new edge really helps go around the corners. You can loop it even with a short one for just those few sts.

I use DPs (as a last resort), Magic Loop and two circulars (but hate all the sliding of needles and cables back and forth) when possible and as soon as possible I move to a single circular. With a single circular that will just hold the stitches I can knit round and round with out losing time playing sliding needles.

When you are knitting knee high kilt hose the saving in time of using a 9 inch needle on the foot, 12 inch at the ankle and 16 inch for the calf and fold is significant.