Knitting in the Round to knitting Flat

I’m knitting a poncho for my daughter and I’m knitting in the round using circular needles. My pattern has asked me to “divide for neck and begin knitting flat” which I believe I have figured out how to do via some YouTube videos. The first row is a knit row and second is a purl row, so my question is, do I knit the first row the same side as I’ve been knitting and then flip over for the second row? Or vice versa? Please help!

What pattern are you using? Can you tell us the name or give a link to it?

This is the pattern I’m using. I’m still currently at the decrease stitches part but my getting anxious about the divide and knit flat. I’m still a bit of a rookie

Oh, cute poncho.
Just follow the directions when you are ready to divide for the neck. Knit across row 1 as given then turn to the purl side for row 2. You’ll continue with knit rows on the outside or public side of the poncho and purl rows on the inside or private side.

Thank you so much! It’s what I thought but needed a little guidance.