Knitting in the round to avoid purling while stockinetting

How does this work? I am not having a problem purling, but I have foudn that I can knit without looking now, so being able to just go round and round knitting sounds extremely appealing. (I have alot of books that are sitting neglecting thanks to my knitting addiction. :lol:)

Hi YarnMommy,

“knitting in the round” is what you do to knit socks, or hats or any garment which can be thought of as a tube (even sweaters and their sleeves can be thought of as a series of tubes all joined up). When you knit in the round, you need either:

  1. a set of 5 or so double point needles (whatever pattern you are using will specify the size and number of double pointed needles that you will need);

  2. one or more circular needles (again your pattern will give you details).

Here’s a cool webpage with basic info about knitting in the round:

There is also a great webpage about learning how to knit socks which shows you how to start a sock with double pointed needles. It’s here:

The pictures and instructions show how to start knitting a basic tube on double pointed needles. The pictures will give you a great idea of the concept of what you have to do.

But you could make a simple hat as a first project using this method…I think Amy has some free patterns on this site!

That is a neat site! I’ll definitely bookmark it.

I know about knitting in the round (not the logistics, of course)…but I am knitting a flat piece on circulars, and want to not have to purl in the stockinette stitch. I keep hearing that there is a way that you can just keep knitting, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. If I just try to keep going around it doesn’t work since the yarn isn’t in the right place. ugh.

I keep hearing that there is a way that you can just keep knitting, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. If I just try to keep going around it doesn’t work since the yarn isn’t in the right place.

You need to make a join between the 1st stitch that you cast on and the last stitch that you cast on. After that, you just keep knitting around in a spiral. You never have to purl because the “knit side” is always facing out towards you and the “purl side” is always on the inside of the tube.

I have googled for a good online tutorial for circular needles but I can’t seem to find one… Amy!!! Can we please have a video of starting a join on circular needles & with dpns? Pretty please? :smiley:

The best description I could find is on this page:

Starting a piece “in the round” on circular needles: Cast on as usual; before you join the work into a circle, MAKE SURE that the cast on row does not twist or spiral around the needle. If you have a lot of stitches, it may help to lay the knitting down on a table and straighten out the cast-on row. Mark the beginning and ending of the round by placing a marker next to the last stitch cast on. Hold this needle tip in your right hand and the other tip with the first stitch cast on in your left hand. Knit this first stitch by carrying the working yarn across the gap from the right-hand needle and pulling the stitch snugly, thus closing the circle. When you come back to the marker, you have completed one row or round; slip the marker from one needle to the other to continue to mark the place. The knitting will actually be a continuous spiral. Check again to be sure the row is not twisted around the needle; this is the last place where you will be able to untwist it. Note that in circular knitting, Stockinette Stitch is made by knitting every row (as opposed to Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row in back-and-forth knitting) and Garter Stitch is Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row (in back-and-forth knitting, Knit every row).

I hope that helps…

Sometimes knitting in the flat really needs to be done in the flat as opposed to the round.

I’ve never found a way to knit in the round and then turn it into a flat piece without steeking.

What are you planning on making?

Great topic! I’ve just filmed a video on circular knitting (actually a few: including basic circular knitting on one circular needle, as well as three different methods of doing small diameter circular knitting). This video, along with several new ones, will be up on the site tomorrow or the next day!


Woohoo! Thanks Amy! :smiley:

Your site just gets better and better!!!

Woohoo! Thanks Amy!

I had heard somewhere that people will knit flat pieces on circulars just so that they don’t have to purl in the stockinette stitch. Maybe I am just hearing it wrong, but they said you just go round and round. I’m not actually knitting anything round.

I’ll be knitting everything flat on circulars from now. It is SO much easier on my hands, and I am desparately in love with my Addi’s. :lol:

What are “addi’s” ? I’m interested in trying circular needles just to keep the bulk of the weight in my lap instead of on my needle, but they look a little intimidating to me!


Addi’s are a brand of needles. Their circulars are remarkably light, which is fantastic for me since I have juvenile arthritis. This evening I finished knitting a scarf on Addi’s, and had to rip the entire thing out since the holes were too big. I switched to bamboo straights (since I only have 1 pair of Addi’s :lol: )…and my hands are killing me now. Needless to say, I am terribly impressed with the Addi’s.