Knitting in the round question

I’ve been reading and watching videos to get a better understanding of the difference between a purl and a knit. I’ve now come to a place in the pattern that calls for knitting onto 3 double pointed needles and connecting into the round and knitting a couple of rows and then the pattern picks back up with knitting.

My questions is, if the pattern calls for a round in the middle of your pattern does that mean I pick up 3 DPNs and push the number of stitches it calls for onto each DPNs? Also, do I continue to use the 3 dpns after I’ve started the round if it picks back up with knitting?

I hope I’m making sense. I haven’t started knitting the pattern yet because I wanted to understand it better before I started trying to knit it.


Say you’re knitting a hat on a circ, and reduce the sts so they won’t fit anymore, you’d switch to dpns. You would just take up the first one and knit about 1/3 of the sts on to it, then take the 2nd dpn and knit another 1/3 with it, and finally the 3rd needle. No need to transfer your sts, just knit with them and they’ll be in the right place to finish.


Wish I had read this before transferring my stitches over yesterday:teehee:

When you have to switch needle types or sizes it’s far easier to just start knitting with the ones you’re switching to.

can you explain more: what is being made?(my guess is that you will knit the first 1/3 sts onto the first dpn, the second 1/3 sts on the 2nd needle and the third 1/3 sts onto the 3rd needle and begin the next row with the first stitch on the first needle to join it into working “in the round”