Knitting in the round question

I fully understand the reverse idea in knitting in the round–that is, knitting the opposite on each row, however, I am doing an eyelet pattern stitch which is a 3+2 and I thought that I should leave off the 2 b/c I’m working in the round and don’t want one huge section of stockinetter running thru the work. It’s not working out though–can anyone help?

Sometimes the extra stitches are there because if you’re knitting flat, you need a stitch or two for the edge. Sometimes they’re part of the pattern and you need them. Can you write out a couple rows of the pattern? Maybe we can help you figure out how to convert it.

The pattern stitch is knit one row, purl one row, k2, YO, k2tog, kn1, knit last row–basicaly it’s stockinette with teh YO row. I eliminated the K2 at the beginning of the YO row b/c I don’t want to end up with this huge seam of stockinetter running thru the tube, but the eyelets aren’t lining up correctly. The eyelets should be in rows one under the other, but they aren’t doing that–help!

So your pattern is-

  1. k
  2. p
  3. k2, YO, k2tog, k1
  4. k

Is that correct? Do all pattern rows (row 3 here) look the same? Or are the eyelets alternating?

The eyelets should run straight under one another, not alternating. Thanks

It seems as though it should work then if you leave off the purl row and the first k2 IF you have the correct number or CO stitches for this multiple which appears to be 3.

Well, I am knitting all rows except the 3rd row, and yes, I have the correct # if stitches, so I can’t understand what’s going on–I’m going to go back to it for the 4th time and try again! Thanks for trying to help–I appreciate it.

[COLOR=darkorchid]Remember you’re knitting in a spiral so that may influence the patterning of the YOs, too. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9932cc]Logically, dropping the K2 at the beginning of row 3 should line up the YOs…however in my world logic sometimes doesn’t work in knitting. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9932cc]Are you marking the beginning of each round, so that the YO is the first stitch in the round? Then they should line up… should being the opperative word. :)[/COLOR]

Thanks to all of you who posted trying to help. Earlier today I went back to it and looked really hard at it. I had already done three repeats of this pattern so I knew that the math was correct, and I had tinked back almost a whole row and not seen any mistakes…BUT, I remember losing my stitch marker on the previous round and sure enough when I looked at my tail, I discovered I had placed it just one stitch off and thus, the problem. I knitted about 5 inches after that–yeah! There is aways a reason in knitting–I guess it’s just having the patience to try to figure it out. Thanks again!