Knitting in the round question

This is my first time knitting with circular needles. I am using 10 1/2, 24" addi turbos.

I’ve watched Amy’s video and I have a knitting instruction book, but I still think I messed it up.

Circular knitting is supposed to create a seamless tube, no? I cast on 150 stitches, then started knitting. All was OK until I got to the end of the first round. My knitting was not joined anymore. I could stretch it out straight. Is that supposed to happen? If so, when does this whole “seamless tube” happen?

I’m so lost.

When you begin knitting in the round you need to hold the two needles in hands so that the needle that has the stitch carrying the working end of your yarn is in your right hand. So when you knit the first stitch off the left needle with the working yarn coming from the right needle, you work is joined. I suspect you were doing it the other way around.

You don’t have to take off what you’ve done so far, though. Start knitting with the working yarn on the right needle and the other end of the row at the left needle, join, and start knitting. You’ll have a tiny gap that you can stitch up with the tail later.

You need to bring the last stitch you cast on right up next to the first. If you start by knitting that first stitch you cast on, you wll have a tube! IMPORTANT!!! Make sure all of your stitches are not twisted when you join into a round.

Oh. :wall:

I guess directions are better if you read them instead of just looking at the pictures.

I just assumed they were knitting English as in the rest of the book, so I modified it for my own Continental ways.

Thank you for clearing it up. For some reason, I never would have thought that was the problem.

Thanks for your tip as well, Ingrid. I was ready to rip the whole thing out and start over.