Knitting in the round purl wise

I am knitting a baby sweater from the top down and at the end of the sleeve. I am having a bear of a time doing the purl row it seems that when I transition to the other needle I am just not doing it correctly. I have ripped this sleeve out twice already


I just joined the site last year in March and it is fantastic - looking forward to getting to know you all.

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I’m not sure why it’s not working…you don’t change anything except for it keeps going in the round…but the way you purl stays the same…you could always do a different edge like a ribbed edge or seed stitch edge :thumbsup:

I think that I might be just not use to the small round sleeve and am trying too hard - I have been told not to over annalize things.
Now that I am expecting my first grandchild in March and have quit my job. I will have more time to post and knit yippee :woot:

Purling the first stitch on each DPN is kind of awkward for me as well. The stitch always looks too loose, and making the stitch just [I]feels[/I] weird. Maybe you could try one of the small diameter methods with circular needles? There are videos on this site under “advanced techniques.” Magic loop is really easy to figure out, and I haven’t tried the two circ method. Hope that helped!

:woot: Congrats on your first grandchild!! I’ve been told that too… my LYS ladies like to tell me “you think to much”…I have found that if I don’t read ahead or try to figure it out in my head but just do it… I have a better outcome :teehee:

thanks guys - it is all in the needle placement - I have now finished the sleeve, here is a photo this is the free pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple - I made button holes instead of ties.