Knitting in the Round Problem

I started making a small bag - knitting in the round. I’ve gotten about 12 rows done and realized that my stitch got twisted and now my stitches aren’t hanging straight all the way around. There is a twist in the middle! Is there a way to correct this without taking the whole thing out??

Not really. You can rip back to the first round, put the sts on the needle and straighten them out then, leaving a twist in the joining sts. But since it’s a hat, just start over.

Since it’s a bag - will it be seamed at the bottom? Will it be felted? I personally wouldn’t worry too much about it for either of those cases with a bag. If it was a hat I’d start over.

That kind of makes sense to me because as I get to the bottom and decrease my stitches it will go away, right? The bag I am making is like an upside down hat - It will have a rounded bottom and a drawstring closure at the top…

I thought she meant her stitches were twisted [I]around the needle[/I], not just that A stitch was twisted, but I could have read it wrong.

If your knitting is twisted in the round won’t you end up with a mobius effect?

Similar to a mobius, but not a true one, as there’s a cast on edge and the edge on your needles, not a single edge.

So now I’m not sure what she means, all the sts are twisted around the needle, or just one stitch is twisted.

Yeah, I’m not sure either, Sue. :think:

Yes ! that is exactly what has happened - the mobius effect - although it’s not intentional!! Do I start over or will it go away? As I round out the bottom by decreasing my stitches will it diminish or just end up a bigger problem?

If you’ve truly twisted the cast on then there is nothing that will make it go away short of starting over. One way to avoid a twisted cast on is to knit a few rows flat and then join. It’s easier to keep the stitches straight that way.

Yep, it’s time to start over.