Knitting in the round panic

Alright, this isn’t nessicarily a PANIC, but I’ve been really bothered by this for a long time. I can’t figure out for the life of me how to knit in the round. I’m fine if someone else starts the project for me, but that’s not exactly convenient for a fifteen year old girl with no knitting friends. The reason I can’t start is because I’ll put on (let’s say 45 stitches) on the round. Nothing’s twisted, it’s the perfect amount. Whenever I try to knit, my needles drift apart and a huge piece of string is left between my work. It gets so large I am unable to work on the piece. I can’t fix this problem on my own, as I have tried for years. Someone, please help me knit my first hat! I’m trying not to get frustrated but it’s been so long. Please, help me solve this problem!!

-Highly appreciative,

Are you knitting with circulars or with double points? They do tend to “ladder” a little bit, though most of that comes out when you put the item through the wash or wear it a while.

The first round or two is the worst for keeping the needles together. It helps if you’re using a short circular or you’re magic looping or using a traveling loop rather than just trying to go on using a cable that has the stitches stretched out (like when you’re knitting a hat on a circ that’s just a little too big.) There are several videos that show different ways of managing. All of them work, and you’ll find the one that works best for you.

If you have a good size of circular or you’re using double points, when you finish the first round, deliberately make a tight first stitch on the next and pull up any loose yarn. With double points, you’ll do well to do that every time you change needles. The yarn should slide right through the new stitch and snug it up to its proper position next to the end one from the last row.

See, that’s the problem. I go about ten stitches into my work and it’s already uncontinuable. I can’t push through it because I’m nowhere NEAR my second round. I use circulars, I didn’t know you could use double points for knitting in the round.

I’ve just looked into it, and double pointed needle-round knitting is too advanced for me. I find it very hard to move forward in knitting although what I do make is very clean. I just really need a solution to my huge setback.

Another thing to think about: how are you casting on? If you’re getting a ton of loose yarn that fast, something isn’t right. The backward loop cast-on comes in handy for a lot of things, but knitting in the round is not one of them until you’re really used to it. If you check out some different cast-ons–there are a lot–you might find that helps.

My first thought it’s what cast on you’re doing. Backward loop it’s really only good for a few stitches at a timer and can leave that long thread. I suggest using long tail out the knit cast on. Videos in the video/cast on section.

Are you losing any stitches? It almost sounds like there’s a stitch being dropped, the way you’re describing the “long string”.

It’s been my cast on the whole time! Thank you so SO much for helping me. I hope to knit many great things in the future on the round.

and take photos! you can share, and track your improvements.
We’re a very enthusiastic and supportive bunch. :smiley:

It’s the cast on! What do you use?