Knitting in the round on DPN- how to work in rows?

Hi there,

I’m working in the round on dpn for the first time (thanks to your video, Amy!) making wristers (fingerless gloves). I’m at the stage where I have to make the thumb hole and it says in the pattern to “remove marker and work in rows from this point” after about 8 rounds. How do I work in rows on dpn? I’m holding my stitches with 3 needles and knitting onto a fourth.


When you remove your marker you will turn your work around and work on the WS (if you’re working stockinette stitch, you will be purling on the WS) until you reach the spot where the marker used to be, turn the work around and work on the RS, etc., for however many rows or inches the pattern specifies.

Great question and answer! I’m glad I popped in here!


Thanks knitqueen, I’ll give that a try and I’ll be back if I need any more help!

[color=indigo]I have a similar pattern on my blog. It’s a bit clumsy the first couple rows, but it gets easier the more you do it. Makes a really nice finished hole for the thumb, I think! :teehee: [/color]