Knitting in the round on double points?

Hi all,
I’m having a problem with knitting in the round on my double points. I’m knitting a tube sock (pattern-No Heel, No Toe, No Worries!) and it’s my first time knitting with double points.

I cast on the amount of stitches I needed, distributed them on three needles, and started knitting using a fourth needle. I knit two rows, (I’m knitting a 3X3 rib) and then I realized that my work wasn’t joined! I was knitting flat on dps. :wink: So then I came to this site to watch the double point video, but it’s so long, and the lady talks about a bunch of random stuff… in short, I couldn’t ever find the actual part where she showed how to join the work.

This is my fourth time trying to knit these socks. My aunt gave me the pattern and said they were the easiest thing in the world. I’d love some advice! Thanks so much,
irishcowgirl :knitting:

did you view the video on this site? I’m sorry, I’m a techiephobe and don’t know how to give you the link. But go to videos, select advanced techniques, and there is a tutorial about knitting on dp needles. Hope this helps!

First of all, if you haven’t already ripped out the couple of rows you’ve done, then don’t! Funny enough, a lot of people do a couple of rows “flat” before joining. It makes it easier to not twist the stitches. So to join-- think of it as needles 1, 2 and 3. When you’re about to join, you’ve just ended with needle 3. Now you’re ready to start with needle 1 again. Just remember, you’re going to go in a circle. So just start knitting the sts on needle 1. You don’t have to do anything else, just start knitting, remembering to pull needle 3 in tight so that you don’t have any gaps between the needles. If that doesn’t make sense, post again, and someone else will try to answer for you. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be very easy!

start around min 3

I have a trying time with dpns, too, so don’t think you’re alone. I prefer to use 5 needles instead of 4 (personal preference), and I have to remember to give the yarn a good tug at the beginning of each needle. Have you worked with circular needles and done projects in the round? It’s the same basic principle with dpns. In a straight stockinette pattern, you’ll never purl - if you do, you know you’ve turned yourself around and are knitting flat again.

If you search on Youtube for videos on knitting with 2 circular needles, you’ll also get some good visuals on knitting small rounds as you would with your dpns. Different tools, but the same basic technique and the same result.

She did, but couldn’t figure out how to join.

It’s pretty simple, just knit the first st of the row without turning. You have the last st on the right hand needle, leave it there and knit the first st on the left needle. Many people do knit a few rows flat before joining, so you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.

If you want to make sure your ribbing is joined from the get-go…

Needle #3 should have the length of yarn you will work with at the end of that needle (closest to your left hand). Take the last stitch from needle #1 and move it to needle #3; then take what was stitch #1 on needle #3 and move it over that stitch to be the first stitch on needle #1. Start knitting with the stitch that now has your length of yarn. It may take more than one try before you can do it easily, but well worth the effort for a very nice join.

Judy D

I woud definately say use 5 dpns instead of four. You’ll be less likely to get “ladders” of loose stiches at each end this way. You can also knit a stitch or two onto the next needle (temporarily having your work on only 3 needles) each time you move to a needle to “rotate” where your loose stiches will be. Hang in there once you have knit a few rows it’s easier.

Thanks SOOO much everyone! You were all so quick to reply, and so helpful. For a few dreadful minutes, I still couldn’t get it, even after reading all of your posts, twice! But I think I finally got it!! :woohoo: Yaaay! I was afraid I wouldn’t understand at all from your instructions, because I’m very visual, and I have to see things to understand them. Problem is, I can’t use Youtube videos because my computer blocks the site! (Very VERY strong filters… sigh.) So you must understand how much I love this website. Videos that I CAN see, and helpful people waiting to answer my silly newbie questions! :smiley: So hopefully I’ll be able to continue knitting this piece without any problems, but… be watching for my next “What do I do now??” post. I’m sure it will be coming soon! :wink: