Knitting in the round joined Knitting ,transferring to 6mm needles to flat and back to 4mm needles, Knitting in the round

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I hope that someone can explain how I do this. It’s a sscraf shrug with cuffs style garment. It’s not the pattern or designer, it is my own inability to understand what to do and how. Could someone assist me on how this joined cuff then can be knitted flat on circular needles and finish that scarf portion and go back to the cuff?
I have tried but It’s still joined and isn’t knitting flat as required.
Or perhaps direct me to where I can learn this?
I am a self taught knitter and have taken different classes intermittently since 10 years old. Since the Covid lockdown I haven’t attended any local lessons (because they require Proof of vaccination.
Since I feel this Hippa information is a violation of my personal rights, I am eliminated. It is not my statement on whether or not anyone decides to.) Getting help or a response to my knitting projects has been difficult. It’s very possible I don’t know what question to ask in a proper way, not knowing as many terms to use. Hence, many UFO’s
Any assistance would be very appreciated.
Thank you,
*The pattern is: Wrap Me up sweater scraf
By knitatude

Welcome to KH!
This always seems to be a problem with the concept more than anything else. The video is really pretty good. At 50seconds, she demonstrates turning to knit onto the wrong side. The idea is that you work in the round and when you reach the point designated in your pattern, turn to the wrong side as if you were at the end of a row. Knit back on the same stitches you were just working.

A marker at the point where you should turn to knit flat is a very good idea. It prevents you from later knitting across the gap and once again knitting in the round before the pattern requires.

At about 3:50min she demonstrates how to switch from flat knitting to in the round again.


I am so thankful for your reply and the video provided.
Thank you so much!

I posted this to my Ravelry Screenshot_20221207_154106_Chrome
It’s so satisfying to receive a quick, courteous and understandable reply.

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I am so entirely grateful for your kind assistance. I have been able to continue knitting my project! You are a wonderful knitting teacher . Deeply appreciative for you.


That’s very kind of you to say. Your shrug looks wonderful. We’ll all be happy to help with any of those UFOs as well.

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You did great. It looks wonderful.


Okay, just ask your questions in an in-proper way… we’ll all still have a go at helping. Salmonmac is a knitting star and supports everyone so wonderfully, and many of us chip in wherever we can. You will be so glad you joined this forum.

Your sweater scarf looks great. Glad you got past the tricky part.


Agreed! Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out the question. Once I do that I might find I already know the answer but if not, at least I can then get help. I think we’ve all been there and I know I still find myself there.

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Screenshot_20230104_063744_Adobe Acrobat Is this the point where I change back to the smaller needles I used in the cuff , I have read the pattern but it doesn’t seem to specify.
The scarf portion is done and I am to join back in the round, presumably to do the end cuff portion of the Wrap Me up sweater scarf by
Thanks again

When you started at the beginning of the cuff on the first sleeve, did you switch to the larger needle between the rib and the stockinette portion of the scarf? In other words was the cuff knit on smaller needles in rib in the round then there was the switch to knitting back and forth on larger needles? If so then you would mirror that needle change for the second cuff.
Work back and forth on larger needles then switch to smaller needles at the same place for the ribbed cuff.

Really graceful and lovely pattern.

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Yes, I did, thank you so much for your quick response and help!