Knitting in the round... Jersey patterns or other wonderful projects

I’m almost finished knitting my first Jersey in the round. I really love how easy it has been and I really love that when I’m done knitting I don’t have to do any seaming. I have enjoyed it so much I treated myself to a set of circular needles but now I can’t find any patterns in the round…

Where do you get good quality patterns that are knitted in the round for children age 3 plus? The Jersey I have almost completed is a fair isle style Jersey so I want something different for my next project. I have searched ravelry etc. I’m not looking for free patterns just good quality patterns i can buy.

Where do you get yours?

Thanks in advance

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There are a lot of good made free patterns. Some people just want to help other so they give away their work for free. Thus a paid pattern might not be better than a free.

Yarn manufacturers do have good free patterns on their sites. Those patterns are well made but free because the manufacturers hope to sell yarn. Here are a couple examples of such sites: and

Thanks. Maybe I’m not looking correctly or using the right search terms but I can’t seem to find anything on circular needles that is seam free. I jad already looked at one of these sights and most seem to be fair isle style knitting too.

Have you used the Advanced pattern search on Ravelry? Here’s the results of one with the search terms listed at the top:

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I have but I think I have been using the wrong parameters I was putting in circular needles and the yarn weight that I have plus the child age. I will try this thank you! As an aside I see most patterns for children jump age range by 2 years. If I’m knitting for a 2.5 year old who will be three by the end of winter do you knit a size 2? Many thanks

Well, it depends on how big the 2 year old is but I always knit the larger size, so a 3-4. Even if it’s a bit large, that’s ok.