Knitting in the round inside out

Hi all,

I’ve been teaching myself knitting, specifically knitting in the round. I’ve made a few pairs of socks, some hats and some mittens. I just started the Craftsy Sock Knit Along class and realized something form watching the videos. I knit my socks inside out. Meaning, I work the stitches towards the inside of the round, rather than work along the outside of it, which means the WS is facing me and the RS is on the inside. It’s more comfortable to me and I just tried a few rounds the opposite way and it feels more clumsy. Is there anything wrong with this approach or are there situations/stitches that can’t be worked like this? I’m trying to decide if I need to change the way I knit in the round or not. Thanks!

I think for most things it doesn’t matter. Knitting the top of a hat where you decrease might be a problem so you’d have to flip it right side out. I’m not sure if there will be line where it got flipped so it shows or not. I’m also not sure if any stitches will be affected or not. Probably not in most cases.

Personally I’d learn to knit “correctly”, for lack of a better term, because patterns are written assuming you’re knitting that way, but if you’re happy with it go for it.

It’ll work. Some people knit that way to keep the right side of their work clean while they’re carrying it around. I do it a lot when something calls for a wide purl band. The decreases can be a problem for some knitting styles, but they aren’t the way I happen to knit. YMMV.

Thanks! I’m going to finish the socks I’m working on by continuing to do them wrong side out and then try a new pair knitting them right side out and see how it goes. It just seems to fit more naturally in my hands by knitting towards the inside when working with smaller knitting, so I’m guessing I’ll stick with the working the wrong side out in the long term. It definitely makes me feel better to know it shouldn’t cause any issues. And with dogs around that like to lounge in my lap while I’m knitting, keeping the right side clean is a definite bonus!