Knitting in the Round Inside Out?

I’m fairly new to knitting in the round, and I’ve only completed a couple of small projects so far using the technique. I’ve used DPNs and the Magic Loop method (if that matters, I’m not sure).

I’ve noticed that when I’m knitting in the round, the RS of the work is on the inside of the “tube” of knitting and the WS is on the outside. I’m wondering if this is because of something that I’m doing? Everything ends up working out the same, and the piece always looks fine once I flip it inside out at the end, but I would like to be able to see the RS on the outside as I’m working.

I’ve seen it mentioned that some people do intentionally knit this way when working in the round, but most of the videos/pictures I’ve seen online show the RS on the outside while the piece is being worked.

Any insights?? :muah:

It’s how you’re holding the work. You probably have the working needles pointing away from you with the tube closer to you. You can flip it now instead of waiting till you’re done if you want, and make sure the needle tips are toward you, as if drinking from a cup.

Ahhhhh! That makes complete sense … I’m not sure why I didn’t think about that!

Thank you! :muah: