Knitting in the round, inside out!

I’ve not posted for a while, as been a bit lazy on the knitting front! However, I’ve been asked by my toddler grandson to knit a cowl, as he’s grown out of his.
I have found this pattern, and rather than do a rib, I wanted a deliberate st st ‘roll’. I started with a purl row. So now I’ve done my inch of st st, and looked at the pattern, I think my ‘roll’ will be on the wrong side :see_no_evil:
Can I just turn it round, and start the pattern going the ‘wrong way’ or am I not seeing it right, and it will work out ok?! :crossed_fingers:t2:
Many thanks in advance!

It looks like this is a photo of the inside of the cowl. If the working yarn is at the pink marker in the upper right then you’re purling across to the left toward the blue marker. It’s all fine if you want to continue knitting this cowl from the inside with the needles farthest from you. The V or knit side will be to the outside and the piece will curl to the outside.
You can start knitting on the outside or V-side of the stockinette if you wish but it’ll leave a small hole. This can be closed up by working a short row turn. One German short row turn will put you on the outside of the circle with the needles closest to you. You would then knit the double stitch left from the German short row turn when you come to it on the knit side.

Here’s a video for German short rows in case you need it. See 1:50 min for the way you would work the double stitch.