Knitting in the round... in reverse?

Hi everyone - when knitting in the round, I know that if you knit ALL stitches of every row, you end up with Stockinette Stitch on the front, and Garter stitches on the back.

Is there a way to get Garter stitches on the front, and Stockinette stitches on the back?


I think you need to alternate between knit and purl each round, either that or do purl instead of knit?


When you knit every round you get stockinette on the outside of the tube, the side facing you and reverse stockinette on the inside of the tube.
If you want the purl side to show, purl every round. That’ll give you reverse st st on the outside of the tube and st st on the inside.

If you in fact want garter stitch in the round, knit one round, purl one round and keep alternating rounds. The inside and outside will look similar.


Thanks @salmonmac.

I couldn’t figure out the difference between reverse SS and garter so I found a pic of them, along with SS.


I’m looking for SS stitch on the inside of the work because that way, when I flip the brim of the hat there will be SS stitch showing on the outside. Is there a way to do that?

(Pic from

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Above the circled section is reverse stockinette. Below the circled sections is garter st (the bumps or ridges are farther apart).
It seems to me that if you want stockinette to show on the outside of the brim, purl the sts in the round, that is, with the bumps facing you. That way, when you fold the cast on edge up, the Vs will show. If you just work stockinette however, know that it will ten to curl or roll up.

If you’re going to hem the hat you can do it this way and avoid the curl.


Thanks for the pattern. It’s a good solution but not exactly the look I was going for (I’d prefer the rolled look of the brim rather than a joined seam).
I will try purling all rows in the round and see what I get. Thanks again!


Purling the brim portion will give you a stockinette surface on the inside, as you know, but I’m not sure the result would really be what you’re trying to get (I’m presuming, that is, that what your after is something like the picture you posted in an earlier thread, of a thick pink hat with a rolled up brim and a pompom: ). Because just a single layer of stockinette won’t look or behave like that unless there’s something crucial detail that doesn’t show in the photo, because stockinette wants to curl up on itself the other way. So if the brim is just reverse stockinette and you fold it up, it’s going to have a little curled up tubular edge. This is what stockinette edges do naturally:

I’m wondering if the hat you pictured is actually a double layer of fabric, which is what its thickness suggests to me–essentially a tube that has been folded into itself with the brim being the middle, where it’s folded over. I’ve seen a video of machine knit hats being made this way on an Addi circular knitting machine, but it could of course be done by hand knitting, and knit in the round or flat and seamed. But it’s a very easy and fast project on a machine. The result is a double thick hat that shows stockinette on both the inside and outside. The large pom hides the messy (but warm!) bulk that results from both ends of the tube being gathered and secured without any decreases. (Not positive that’s what that hat is, without being able to examine it, but that’s my guess.)


Dear @salmonmac - thanks for the guidance! If I purl the first several rows, I can flip those rows to form a brim. Of the looks I’ve tried (double SS, K1p1 rib), I like this the best.

Here’s a tiny test I did where you can see what it looks like when the purl rows are folded up:

Hi @knitster - yes, ideally I wanted something like the pink hat, but it looks like to do that I’d need to fold a double layer of SS which means 4 “layers” of knitted fabric, but the yarn I’ll be using is quite bulky so that won’t really work.

The natural curl of the SS is also something I don’t want.

I knitted a scarf in double SS and I really like the look of that. I wanted a hat to match and even considered knitting with straight needles and joining to make a hat (I might still try that iteration :smile:).

I like your table cloth - very appropriate looking!

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Your test knit looks very nice and the scarf is lovely. You could always tack the turned up edge to the hat (a bit more like a hem to the outside) to keep it from rolling. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

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@Shintoga haha thanks - it’s a bedsheet (but it would make a good tablecloth :wink:)

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@salmonmac thanks - good idea about anchoring the brim, will do! :+1:t3: And will definitely post a pic. :hugs:

Edit: I came across a pattern for a chunky beret last night… if I make it instead of a beanie then I’ll save this idea for the next project. :slight_smile:

If it’s a rolled brim with garter stitch on the outside and the rest of the hat stockinette, I made several of these for my grand children. Fun knit and the way that second roll pops us is amazing. So simple, so fast, and fits like a glove… or a good hat. :slight_smile:

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