Knitting in the Round help!

I am knitting a poncho with a cable pattern in the middle. The pattern describes a Cable Panel (worked over 12sts).
1st to 8th rnds: Knit
9th rnd: C6B. C6F.
10th to 12th rnds: Knit.
These 12 rnds form Cable Panel.

I am now at the stage where it tells me to introduce the Cable Panel. These are the instructions:
1st Rnd: P68. Slm. Work 1st end of Cable Panel across next 12 sts. Slm. P68
2nd Rnd: P68. Slm. Work 2nd end of Cable Panel across next 12 sets. Slm. P68.

So, I don’t understand how the Cable Panel instructions fit within the normal instructions. There are too many rnds for me to follow. How does the 1st to 8th rnd fit into the total rnd of the pattern?

Any help deciphering my pattern would be appreciated

Wait…are you having trouble with knitting in the round or knitting rounds?