Knitting in the round help

I’m trying to do a pattern for a hat for a couple friends. The hat is one of the breastfeeding hats, where you do the icord at the tip, then do some increases to get to the hat part and make it round. I’ll post a link to the pattern at the bottom of the post. The issue I’m having, is I don’t have the right size DPN’s, (and it’d take over a week to get the right size, and really don’t want to purchase them if I don’t have to right now, money’s tight) and I do have circulars (Denise interchangeables), but with working only 8 stitches or so at the beginning, it’s impossible to get the item worked in the round and join the 2 ends. Has anyone else had this issue, and found a way to go around it other than getting the DPN’s?

You can try the magic loop method. Check out this video

With Denise needles I think your best bet is to use 2 circulars. This video shows how. You can use a smaller needle on the left because the right needle determines the stitch size and that way you don’t need 4 tips of the same size. Just be sure you cast on with the larger needle and don’t start working with one of the smaller ones. I’ve tried ML with Denise and decided it’s a nonstarter, the cords are too thick and not flexible enough. You shouldn’t need to buy more needles. HTH

I agree with GG - the Denise’s have stiff cords, so if you put the right size needle on one end of 2 cords and a smaller one on the other, you can use both of them to knit with. If you cast on to one needle, then push half the stitches toward the ends, making a loop with the cord, then join and work the first round with the other one it’s easier to get started.

Another reason for mismatched tips on Denise is that it’s easier to knit with them that way. I’ve always found Denise tips to be less than easy to work with. Knitting [I]from[/I] a smaller tip helped.

I think that if you’re willing to slide stitches back and forth on a circ you might start with an I cord even.

This method might work just for starting, but I think I’d use a size smaller needle as the stitches seem to be larger than in regular knitting. Just some thoughts. Either way might be more trouble than it’s worth. I dunno.

Knitting Help has videos for knitting in the round as well.