Knitting in the round help

Hi - anyone have any advice? Whenever I knit in the round the stitches all start to lean to one side - they are not straight up and down - how do I fix this? or any ideas?

Could be the yarn, some is twisted so that happens, or it could be that you’re knitting your sts through the back loop. If you wrap purls ‘the other way’ and knit tbl it straightens them out when you knit flat. But knitting in the round you don’t purl so if you still knit tbl, they twist.

Or if you mean your vertical rows are leaning it’s that you’re too tight. My socks tend to do that because I knit worsted on #4.

I’d have to know how you knit, as in Continental (most common), English or Combined.

I knit combined and I don’t notice my stitches leaning to one side or another unless I make them do that (in decreases or increases). Also are you using circular needles or DPNs for your Round Knitting?

I have a feeling you may be experiencing laddering at the joins. If that is the case I would recommend that on the first and second stitch of each join that you tighten your yarn a bit tighter than you normally would. That’s solved the problem for me.