Knitting in the Round help

I really hope people can help me with this! I apologise in advance for not using the proper terms that I’m sure exist for things… I’m self-taught and don’t know any better!

I’m currently working on a project for my father for Xmas. It’s a toque (beanie in the US I believe) that starts off with a 2x2 rib, having cast-on 19 stitches on each of the 4 needles. I was going along fine until I noticed something funny in one of the joins between two of the needles… I can normally fix things that don’t look right just by pulling it out and re-doing it, but this time when I tried I ended up with a funny loop and now I’m totally lost! Can anyone make sense of this for me? I’m posting images… hopefully they make sense!

This is the first of the 2 sections I’m having problems with… there are 16 stitches on the needle, and the end coming off of it goes to the balls of yarn (the pattern calls for knitting with doubled-up yarn):

(image removed)

These next two show the current “middle” (working) needle which is holding 3 stitches that belong to the first needle (shown above) and one stitch that belongs to the second needle (the last of the 4 pictures). These four are all missing about 3 rows worth of stitches:

(image removed)

This is the last needle, and has 18 stitches on it, with the first stitch being on the working (middle) needle from the image above (it is to the left in the below image). The funny loop at the start of this row (around my middle finger) is what is confusing me:

(image removed)

Any help with this is very appreciated… let me know if any clarification is required!

It looks like maybe you picked up another st where the needles join. It’s easy for an end to slip under the strand between sts and you think it’s a stitch when you get to it.

Thank you suzeeq :slight_smile: . I’m thinking at this point I’m just going to unravel it until I reach a spot that makes sense to me again… I’ll only lose 2-3 rows tops and then at least I have something to keep me busy haha! It was working out so well until this point! Ah well… first time knitting in the round, there was bound to be a hiccup!

I think your question was answered, but I wanted to ask you to resize your photo. Click the link in my signature to learn about acceptable photo sizes. Thank you!

I’ll pull 'em since it’s no longer needed :slight_smile: