Knitting in the round help

Hello everyone. I’m new here and a new knitter. I really want to graduate from scarves and felted bags. I’m trying to knit my first sweater in the round. I have started this sweater 3 or 4 times now and I’m ready to give up! The pattern is written for knitting it in the round so it should be easy, right? Every time I start the sweater, I notice a seam where I start each round. So, my sweater will have a seam going up one side. Isn’t there a way to knit this so I don’t get the seam? I’m using a cotton yarn if that makes a difference.

Am I doomed to be a scarf knitter for the rest of my life??? I really want to advance beyond that stage…


Since you’re knitting in a spiral, rather than a circle, you will get a little jog at the beginning of the round. There is a method to reduce the jog, but off the top of my head I couldn’t explain it. I’d have to wait to go home to look it up.

I’m sure someone around here knows of a video link for it.

Thanks for your reply. I guess I’ll keep knitting on the sweater to get the practice. I suppose the “jog” really shows because of the type of yarn I’m using. If the yarn I’m using wasn’t so fine, it probably wouldn’t be so noticeable. If there is a place to go to learn how to reduce the appearance of the jog, I’d love to check it out.

My knitting stash is growing and I want to learn as much as I can about my new hobby!!

if you scroll down on this page there will be information on how to avoid the jog.

Thanks so much! I’m going to try that at the next round. If it looks better I have to decide if I want to rip it out again or just go from there. Maybe I’ll start it again with a new ball of yarn and wait and rip later. (My poor yarn is starting to look bad from getting ripped out so often. I’m getting my money’s worth out of that ball!!)

I… just… need… to tear myself away from this computer.

If I could only knit and read about knitting all at the same time!!

This board and website are marvelous. I’m so glad I found it.

I’m off to find my knitting. Well, maybe I’ll read a couple more discussions first…


Debbie, silly question, but are you working with more than one color? Because if you aren’t, then I don’t believe there is no reason you should have a “jog.” I’ve knit several sweaters in the round, in solid colors, and they really are seamless for the most part. If you have a digital camera, it would be helpful to see what your “seam” looks like. Sounds like you might just be doing something wrong that would be very simple to correct. :smiley:

Here is a discussion on avoiding the jog :thumbsup:

We don’t have a digital camera…yet. I have used my son’s a couple of times. I will see if I can take a picture of the “seam” or “jog” and post it on Sunday when I see him again. The sweater is just one color so it’s not caused by me switching colors. I wish I was able to look at my knitting and see what I did wrong. I suppose that will come with experience.

I’m amazed that there are so many friendly knitters out there who are willing to help! I’ve recommended this site to several people already!

lol…i recommend this site in every LYS i go into!! :wink:

i am wondering if not pulling that joining stitch tight enough would cause that? not saying it would cuz i don’t know but it seems possible?

I pulled out my project and looked at it very closely. I think it might be that I didn’t pull the joining stitch tight enough. Of course, I’m not 100% sure, but I watched the video on this site and I think that’s the only thing it could be.

I couldn’t deal with it anymore so I ripped it all out this afternoon, again. I’m not giving up on that sweater! I did spend some time going through my stash this afternoon trying to decide if there was an easier project to tackle. This sweater shouldn’t be that difficult though. If nothing else, I’ve learned a lot since I’ve started this project.

So, I will pull the joining stitch tighter this time and see what happens. Thank you everyone for trying to help me with this.

When you figure that out…would you let me know> :lol:

I can’t stop looking at the cool stuff you can knit…and yet I have a couple projects that I really need to finish that is in my knitting basket. Would everyone stop writing so many books on knitting! Maybe I will stop looking at all the wonderful project to do in the future…oh, my poor poor kids, they are probably thinking “if my mom would only stop knitting!”