Knitting in the round for a scarf

Hello everyone!

I am making 4 scarves as a gift. I have crocheted in the past but I decided to learn how to knit for these!

I watched some videos on YouTube and started knitting the scarves which what I found out later to be a stockinette stitch. Thankfully, I decided to google it and ended up here where I found that the stitch likes to curl. So I went back out on my search again and found this: Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone Style Hogwarts Scarves

This is exactly what I am looking for style wise (see pictures here). Not concerned with the bottom fringe, really.

From some videos I have watched it looks like I would basically be knitting a stockinette stitch but on a circular double ended needle. Is that right?

I have no idea how to read patterns yet so I just watch videos. I thought I would be alright but I am worried I will be misreading the pattern. I see this “Gauge: 20 sts and 24 rows per 4” (10 cm)" and even though I searched the forum here and found a video on it, I am still not quite sure what it means… like how I would knit differently to fit that? If that makes any sense?

I understand casting on 70 stitches, as I learned that with my regular knitting needles. Then “knit in the round for 22 rows” just sounds like I knit in a circle with the basic stockinette stitch for 22 rows?

I still have to learn how to switch to different colors, but I am sure there are plenty of videos for that.

Any help you offer would be appreciated. I am so glad I found this site :slight_smile:


[B]Edit[/B]: I found the answers I needed to the gauge questions via Google. It recommends I knit a swatch, measure, and adjust as needed (they give tips).

Hi and welcome to KH and to knitting! I think you have a pretty good grasp of how this works. With a scarf exact gauge isn’t crucial. If you find you’re getting too many stitches per inch you can use a larger needle, too few and you would go down a size or two. It’s good you’ve already figured out that stockinette curls, that’s the nature of the beast.

Yes, when it says to work 22 rows or rounds that is what you do, just keep knitting for 22 rounds. When it’s time to change colors you just start knitting with the new color, leaving a tail to weave in later. There are some tips and tricks you’ll want to know about when you get there. Let us know when you’re ready. You can learn to read patterns and understand them. I thought I couldn’t but with a lot of help here I can now read and understand patterns. Just ask for whatever help you need.

When knitting in the round to get stockinette stitch you knit every round. There is no purling unless you want garter stitch.

Welcome to the forum!
I’ve made this scarf and it worked well with no curl.
You may want to take a look at this tutorial for jogless stripes when you get to the point of changing colors: