Knitting in the round....floats showing on both sides?


 My first time knitting on my circulars and doing fair isle.  As I'm weaving in my floats about every 4th or 5th stitch, I'm stoked that I'm not making them too tight but the I realized that you can see the carried floats on both sides??  What have I done to have this happen and how do I avoid it?  Any and all help would be appreciated :)

I realized that you can see the carried floats on both sides??
You don’t mean you actually have floats on each side do you? Are they just sort of bleeding or peeking through between stitches? That is pretty common, especially with high contrasting yarns. I don’t usually weave in the floats but try to just knit across carrying the colors without weaving. If you only have 5 stitches between uses of a color that is the best way IMO to keep that from happening. But sometimes you have to carry further than that. Sometimes you can change the design a bit so that you don’t have to carry the colors more than 5 stitches, even if it means adding a “fleck” once in a while of the color that is being carried.

If you are going to do the weaving though I don’t really know how to prevent it. Keep things loose, but you are doing that. Maybe someone else knows. Good luck.

They can peek through, especially if you knit loose. It happens. If you knit more tightly they are less likely to peek through.

If you have actual floats on both sides you’re doing something terribly wrong :rofl:

Even though this is my first attempt at fair isle, I honestly can’t think of what I’m doing wrong. I’ve read a lot on the topic and even checked out the two-handed technique at Philosopher’s that I kept seeing popping up on the topic of fair isle. I unraveled everything and am attempting to start over…if you’re supposed to see it, I guess maybe I’ll do a few more rows and see how it turns out sigh Maybe it’s just my newbie side shining through :smiley:

If you still have the problem take pics, they help a lot.