Knitting in the round easy pattern needed

I knit in the round for the first time yesterday, not counting the
time I tried it with 3 needles and didn’t get past the cast on.

I used the “On two circular needles” technique shown in the
Advanced Techniques page. I didn’t do the tight first stitch but it kind
of worked out.

Now, I would like the most basic easy pattern for practice.
I know that often a stitch marker is used to keep track of
the start (or end?) of the row and I would like a pattern
that has that so I can practice that. I hope to do the
stockingnette stitch, maybe a baby or child’s hat?


Look at these:

I don’t know which are knit in the round, but I’m sure some of them are.


just look for hats that give instructions in ROUNDS instead of ROWS and you will be good! A roll brim hat is about as easy as it gets!