Knitting in the round(circular needles)

Help! I am using circs for the 1st time. I praticed this weekend and now I am knitting my first project… BUT I have discovered that I can’t get my project to straighten out… my understanding was that to CO a large number of stitches you need circular needles… I casted on 50 stitches with my circular needles but I am notiicing it will not lay flat or straighten out… what did I do wrong and how do I fix it…

What are you making? Are you doing stockinette? How many rows have you done? Are you making a circular project like a hat? I’m asking because this will help us answer.

Stockinette naturally curls so you have to do some kind of border like ribbing or alternate purl and knit (garter) for several rows.

The first few rows of any project tend to wrap around the needles, too. Once you get more weight from the project it will lay flat.

Let us know more detail an we can go from there. *******************************************-

I am making an afgan and I have garter stitched 8 rows

might be knitting a little tight, I usually knit afghans on circular needles, wait for the afghan to get longer and heavier and it will straighten out. good luck