Knitting in the Round... Am I right?

I just started my first circular needles pattern and am working on a Christmas stocking from Annie’s Woolens. As I knit, I notice that the stockinette stitch is falling on the inside of the loop and the garter stictch is what is facing outward on the outside of the loop. Is this correct? I thought the outside would be the pretty pattern and the inside would be the wrong side…

Also, it has instructions for “duplicate work” on a few hearts and the personalization. It says to come back and stitch over them with yarn. Why do I not just stitch them in with the pattern in the first place? (The personalization area is just knitted in one color and then when I am finished I come back with my second color to knit the name.)

Any thoughts would be great!

You’re knitting inside out with the needles away from you; this can happen a lot at the beginning of circular knitting. Just flip it inside out and knit with the needles closer to you. This picture shows how it should look. BTW, the backside of stockinette stitch is not garter st, it’s reverse stockinette or the purl side. Garter stitch is when you knit every row when you’re knitting flat or knit a row, purl a row in the round. It’s not solid purls, but has a knit row between the purl ridges.

Hah! Mine looks exactly opposite from the picture! and sure enough it is because I hold the loop part close to me and the needles far away. You are wonderful for the help. I am going to go and try it this way… also thanks for the garter information. It is all confusing when starting out.

Been there, done that… It gets easier, all it takes is practice. And of course that means using all the more that wonderful yarn. :cheering:

:cheering: OOOH, Ooooh, oooh, I really needed to see this post!

Now that my arms seem to be getting shorter, I can just turn the work inside out so the needles are farther away, but the work stays supported by my lap!


Thanks, Suzeeq, that picture really helps a lot. Would the same be true (needles close to you) if you are using two circular needles to do a small diameter circular knit? I watched Amy’s videotape to figure out how to do this, and it looked like the needles would be in the back.

Thanks for any advice.

Yes, you should be knitting any work in the round with your tips closer to you. You only knit with 2 tips at a time, the cables or other needles are just being stitch holders. They may want to go to the back at first, and it’s okay to do that for a few rows, but you will probably want the RS facing out eventually in case of shaping or something. When I knit large diameter stuff, or a cardigan on a circ it wants to flop around all over the place until there’s some weight on it to hold it down.

Thanks again, Suzeeq. I’ve been practicing since I posted my first message and I found that I could get it to work with the needles in the front, like they should be. But, I had to knit a few rows (two or three) before I could get it straight in my mind - and on my needles.

Starting out on dpns is a real hassle sometimes; the needles flop around all over and just won’t behave… :wink: