Knitting in the News!

Our local paper had an article about the Knitting World Cup on the front page of the entertainment section! They seem to have done a lot of knitting articles lately. Here it is!

Now only if I could get them to do a story on the non-profit I work for. Perhaps we need to tie it into knitting somehow. :thinking:

How neat!

That was great publicity!! Thanks for sharing it. :happydance:

:smiley: Cool!!! I have to see if she’s put it on the blog…this World Cup Knitting is fun :cheering: :cheering:

mutant strain…sheesh :rofling:

At least this one didn’t call us all “Couch Potatoes,” like one of the stories about the Knitting Olympics!

Mutant… I can hang with that! :rofling:

Um, they kind of made it sound like there’s only one Texan in the World Cup, and I would imagine there’s more.

Typically journalism these days, it was a very fluffy piece.

I do think it’s cool they had the article!