Knitting in the news

Saw this article in today’s newspaper about women in jail knitting for newborns.!news

Thought it was a good activity to engage inmates with…keeps them busy and makes them useful. I don’t think they should limit knitting only to women.

That’s a wonderful article. :smiley: I hope it helps them pass the time and improve their quality of life now and when they get out. They are being a blessing to the recipients of the knitting. :XX:

That is so cool! :smiley:

I don’t think it matters where you knit as long as you get good and addicted to it. OK…the truth is, I guess I’d rather be able to knit on the screen porch than jail. Seriously, what a wonderful way for them to pass the time and feel good.


And take a craft with them throughout their life! :smiley:

I wanted to do this for my thesis. I’m in a grad program in education (adult not k-12) and I wanted to reserch learning that could be liberating. I wanted to focus on women in prison. I wanted to have the women then teach thier daughters how to knit. Nobody has taken me seriously though so I have no one to be an advisor for me. :crying: So I’m just going to do my dissertation on feminist activism vs academics.

Feministmama: I wanted to do something similar for my thesis. They turned it down too :verysad:

As a former therapist, I can say that’s one kickass idea for rehab. I hope more places would take up the notion and implement it in other correctionals and even branch out to other crafts :XX: