Knitting In The New House

I have to say that my knitting is easier in this new house. I bought the place furnished, including a nice comfy recliner. Far better for knitting than the little travel trailer.

There are some big windows right behind and to one side of the recliner which provide some great light for knitting and there is actually room for my knitting bag to sit beside the chair without being a trip hazard.

Still working on the Irish Hiking Scarf and the cotton socks. I plan to get some more cotton yarn and do some dish towels for the new place.

Mason, fastest house buyer / seller on the planet! Sounds great =D

Pictures, please!

Sounds lovely, Mason – I’m so glad you are getting settled into your home, sweet home!


that is great- sounds like you might even have room to start a stash! I’m impressed that you are unpacked and settled in already- wow!

Thanks. I’m not totally settled in. The bedroom is still a disaster as it sort of caught everything that hasn’t yet been put away. I have far too many spare computer parts and they’re sort of just piled up in there at the moment. I could probably build two or three full systems from the spare parts I’ve collected :lol:

The rest of the place looks good though.

Pictures will have to wait until I get the place looking better. Besides, I left my camera in the truck when I came home.

jeez louise! you bought and sold a house in one day, and the new one is FURNISHED! you rock! wonders if mason is single and looking:roflhard:

glad you are enjoying your new digs and the recliner.

Single yes, looking…no. :blush:

Can’t wait for BostonBecca and myself to move into our new place! We’ll have our first pet, a cat, that will surely be happy with our (read BostonBecca’s) remnants!

My husband & I recently purchased and moved in to our condo. We absolutely love it. (It took us more than a day to find & buy :teehee:) But we still love it. We still have not fully settled in (still have a few boxes to unpack), but it’s the best. I now have more room for my so called yarn stash!

Knitting_Guy, I hope you have many years of enjoyment in your new home!!!

:flirt: but mason, i knit! :knitting:

How did you find a house so quickly and furnished no less?!?!?!
DH and I are looking for a new house and we’re going crazy because there’s nothing on the market we like.

We saw a house tonight that we really liked, except we think it may need a new roof (wood shakes) So now the question is do we want to spend about 30K for the roof on top of what we’d be paying for the house. UGH!

Move over Mason, I’m moving in. I’ll cook and won’t be a bother.


congratulations on almost unpacking :cheering: My place is still a mess and we moved in almost 3 weeks ago… Isn’t it great to have a place for knitting? Enjoy your new home and do lots of knitting and show us, of course!

Congrats on your new house! :cheering:

I have been in my house for 6 years and still haven’t completely unpacked.:oo:


Congrats on the new place!

Congratulations! Enjoy your knitting at new place. :cheering:

You found a place and moved in a day??? :shock::shock: Talk about effecient!!
Sounds perfect - recliner, big windows… I assume a beer too :thumbsup:
Congratulations on the new place.