Knitting in the movies!

I just went to see the Hitchhikers Guide movie…very funny, and there was a scene where all of the characters turned into knitted dolls! :lol: The main character even threw up some lovely self-striping yarn.

Also noticed that Lily Tomlin was knitting in I :heart: Huckabees, sort of. Didn’t look like she was actually knitting though.

I’m wondering if I’m just now noticing things like this since I took up knitting, or if there have always been so many instances of knitting in movies! Kinda cool, I thought. :wink:

lol…i thought this was another thread about people who knit in the theatre…i was here to confess that i do it and am sad that there are no movies i wanna see this week so i have a free two hours to knit without thinking there are other things i should be doing!!

i like to knit during films and while watching TV, it makes me feel prodcutive rather than a goggle eyed slug.

I just read that the elusive Goggle Eyed Slug was placed on the Endangered Species list. Tsk tsk. Very sad. :verysad:

Me too! :lol: I still don’t know how you ladies can DO that! I get so focused on the movie that if my DH even so much as sniffles I’m ready to chop his head off! :oops:

Heh heh…yeah, I guess my subject wasn’t very specific. I can knit when I’m watching movies at home, but I’m not sure about the theater. Too dark for me.

Hey Mer I got this new knitting book Weekend KNitting which has some rather silly articles between the patterns (one tells you HOW to eat a boiled egg… duh)

but on one page they list movies where there is knitting. The only one I can remember right now because it struck me funny was
9 1/2 Weeks with Kim Basinger. Can you imagine? It was 9 1/2 weeks of sex with Mickey Rourke and they list the movie coz her roomate knitted sometimes.


Funny…I think I am getting that book for my birthday next week! At least that is the hint I gave DH, so I assume that’s the case. :smiley:

KellyK, I know that has to be some kind of joke, but you have me baffled. Just in case, I googled “Goggle Eyed Slug”…

:shock: I DON’T recommend searching for Goggle Eyed Slug! :shock: (At least not while at work. Or around kids, or other folks that might be offended by bare breasted ladies.) LOL.

Um, uh, what were we talking about again? :blush:


Here’s where I got that from:

How on EARTH did the phrase “Goggle Eyed Slug” produce bare-chested ladies??? :shock:

:cheering: :cheering: I’m so glad that ya’ll straightened it all out because ya’ll know I :heart: animals and have a veritable zoo around here…and ya’ll make me think that my ‘google eyed slug’ was being put on the endagered list…when ya’ll were just gabbing about some movie ! YOU SHOULD be ASHAMED :oops: of yourselves for :verysad: upsetting me :verysad: …I need those glasses that u hear about when people turn 40 bc I read ‘google’…which is what upset me …u know…bc of my GOOGLE slug…when what was written was goggle…yup…time for the glasses (I can’t bellieve…[now i’m upset about this!!] that i have to get the middle aged glasses…fyi…it’s 46yrs old!)
But…i can take the :sunglasses: glasses as long as i know that my google slug is a okay!!
good evening, one & all :waving: :waving:
fyi… :roflhard: :roflhard: it’s a wacky time of week…lol…i’ve seen people (actors) that were knitting in the moview…but…I’ve never seen people (audience) knitting at the movies…algho I can…and generally do…knit anywhere
have a :XX: and :XY: , but not :frog: kind of upcoming weeks, my friends

I always have something in my hands while I am watching tv. Cannot sit still long enough otherwise, but that is good because knitting gets done that way (or some other needle craft).

I have read that many actresses have taken up knitting inbetween takes while filming a movie. I think that is a pretty cool thing.

When I was 13 I had a great aunt who tried to teach me, I just wasn’t into it then I suppose, but it is nice to see that is has not become a “lost art.” I hope one day, a VERY long time from now, to be able to teach my grand children how to knit (their future daddy’s weren’t into it, even if the do like to cook).

Last weekend I saw 2 things which showed people knitting.

First was an episode from season 1 of Kung Fu (1970’s series) in which Caine is talking to an older Amish man who is knitting.

Second was a biography on Hitchcock, it showed home movies of his wife in the garden just standing there knitting. That was great because I do that all the time, especially when I’m out with the dogs in the backyard. It makes it so much easier to wait for them to do their business. :wink:

I watch TCM a lot and they have quite a few women on there that knit. The one I remember the most is “The Letter” with Bette Davis. She was knitting pieces for a lace bedspread all the way through it.

Wow…you’re really digging deep…this thread is over 2 yrs old! :teehee:

:teehee: I just remembered the title of the post and searched for it. I’m too impatient to “dig deep”. LOL

I LOVE old movies and Davis is one of my favs. I’ve never seen that one though, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

I wish I could get a screenshot of a movie from my computer. Does anyone know how to do that? I have a program which allows me to do that, but I guess Windows Media Player won’t allow it. It’s a pain because I really want to share some scenes sometimes, or a still from a Knitty Gritty episode for explanation’s sake.

As long as we’re on the subject, don’t forget Foul Play ('78) where Goldie Hawn “offs” Scarface with her knitting needles. Very cute!

Episode 139 “[B]Night Call[/B]” of The Twilight Zone. The character Elva Keene played by Gladys Cooper is knitting a mean streak. I was impressed as she pulled the yarn from th e ball located to her left side to throw it with her right hand around the needle. Talk about weird tension!:mrgreen:

I just finished watching The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore (love this movie!) and when Robbie was telling the 1st class passengers about the jerk boyfriend, one of the ladies was knitting on circular needles.