Knitting in the Golden Compass

I blogged a bit about this. We went and saw the Golden Compass yesterday. Excellent movie. (The book was better - but then when is it not?) Anyway, there were three knitters sitting together half paying attention to the movie half paying attention to the knit items we saw all through the movie. We were mostly taken with Lyra’s hat that she wears to leave with Mrs. Coulter. There’s a pic in my blog. I’ll save bandwidth here and just direct you there :slight_smile: If anyone has a pattern like this LMK! The girls are begging for it. Most of the knit items were fairly “rustic” in that they looked like they were made in a hurry using bulky yarn. But they were still quite charming. Lots of fair isle and some cabling. I’ve got a feeling we are going to be having some Golden Compass KAL’s soon!

Oh, my, I certainly couldn’t keep my eyes off the knitting either. I’ve never been a fan of garter stitch, but Lyra’s red jacket made me a convert. The hat I really coveted was the simple one that she wore most of the time in the snow. Here’s an OK picture of the front.And here’s the back. Neither picture truly does it justice. Luckily, it’s a much simpler pattern to create than yours… I just have to find the extraordinarily chunky yarn!

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I agree about the coat. I’m not a garter stitch person, but that coat is AMAZING.

Oh yes! I loved the coat. The cream hat that she wears in the snow I figure is a simple st st that is seamed up the back. I might be tempted to add a few short rows in the center to help it have a bit more of a peak. My take was 2 rows of reverse st, however many rows of st to make it deep enough and then a 3" section of ever decreasing short rows. Seam it up the back and add on some braided ties in the front.

I’m still looking at the jacket.

Oh, see, and I thought it was even simpler than that. I figured a rectangle of SS, sewn up the back, cords added, and simply encouraged to roll at the front. I think what makes it interesting is the low number of stitches per row (and thick yarn). I tried to count at one point, and I swear I didn’t even get up to twelve.

Interesting note about the red coat: it’s made of twine and bits of fabric (according to the designer). Red twine, I guess? Maybe that’s what gives the garter stitch its unusual quality.

now how the heck is twine supposed to keep a little girl warm in the frozen north? What was this designer thinking? That poor little child freezing up there in only a twine jacket! She would have been much warmer in a nice lopi which is what I would have used :smiley:

I haven’t yet seen the movie, but thought you all might like to see this knitter’s take on the second hat mentioned in this thread. It’s cute!

I saw another picture of the hat and it sure looked like a rectangle of stockinette with a 3 needle BO done on the RS instead of the WS.

That’s a pretty good replication - thanks for the link. It’s missing a little of the elf point, but very close otherwise. And wowza… six strands of worsted!

Sue, oh, thanks for saying that!

I just made one for my dd (pic coming)and the 3 needle bo on the rs made a point! I used 3 strands of some heavy worsted that I let the kids pick out from the local thrift store