Knitting in the dentist's waiting room

This morning I had a dentist appointment and I brought my current project with me. I thought knitting was a better and more fun use of my time than reading the magazines in there, which I have probably already read before. Well, I had just settled down to knit and another patient was walking out and saw me knitting.

She asked me what I was working on and said she’s been knitting since she was very young. I showed her the beginning of my husband’s scarf, she said my stitches are nice and even, and then I showed her my own finished scarf and she complimented that as well. It was so nice of her to take the time to look.


That was very nice of her! Most people just kind of stare at me, like they are afraid to say something. (Could my knitting be that bad?! :teehee: )

I was knitting in the local tire store about a week ago. That was an interesting place, to be sure. While I was in there a young-ish girl, probably around 19 or 20 asked me what I was doing. I was knitting a glove and seeing the 4 DPNs threw her off I imagine, because when I told her I was knitting, she seemed very surprised.

It was fun though.

I love when this kind of thing happens :slight_smile:

I had it once I was at a local department store (no knitting shops close by that I am aware of)…

And there were six of us in the knitting section. I commented to one lady about what she thought would be a good sock wool.

Turns out I was the only experienced knitter in that section! I ended up sending two people to the cash having opened up needles and yarn and casting on and knitting a few rows so that they could get going on learning how to knit!

Knitting is so much fun that way… very social and opens conversations!

that sounds great, i wish u were at A.C. Moore when i was on my first yarn trip! :teehee:

[color=darkblue]I love telling anyone I can get within ear shot about KH. I will often be lurking at Hobby Lobby getting some more yarn accessories and run into others looking at needles or pattern books. I will usually ask them if they have ever heard of Knitting help and then give the web site address several times.

[/color] :heart: :heart: :heart: KH :heart: :heart: :heart:

And, they’re handy to have to keep the dentist from causing you any pain. (Can you tell I have a fear of dentists? As a kid, I had the meanest one in the country - he would never give me novacaine when I had to have a tooth drilled, and man does that drilling hurt!!! I still almost get physically ill before I have to go to the dentist even today - so the thought of having knitting needles to guarantee painless dentistry is a great one to me. :eyebrow: )

It sounds like your dentist and my old dentist went to the same dental school. He liked to drill teeth with no novocaine too. By the time I was a teenager I was completely dentist phobic and didn’t go to another dentist for at least 10 years.

My dentist phobia was pretty much cured by going to a dental school for dental care when I was in grad school, working 3 pt jobs and had no dental insurance. At dental schools things take much longer… like an average appointment might be 3 hours long and not because they are doing a tremendous amount of work. Between the somewhat leisurely pace, and the fact that my student dentist was in the process of learning how to treat patients who are phobic of dentists I finally overcame the fear. We used relaxation techniques., but I know that there are also dentists out there who are trained in using sedation for adult patients with severe dentist phobia.

My current dentist is great. Even before he uses novocaine he uses a topical anesthetic on the gums.

Whoa… call me crazy but I actually used to refuse the novacaine because I had an awful experience at the dentists when I was very young, and have feared going ever since. I actually hyperventilate if I know I am going to get drilled. Only last year did I get brave enough to go by myself. I just feel better though if my boyfriend is there with me. I know I am a baby. My dentist now is great, he is very gentle and knows to give me extra novacaine.