Knitting in the car - do you get carsick?

I don’t usually go places as the passenger these days, but I finally got a few chances this weekend to try knitting in the car. I can’t do it! I get horribly carsick right off the bat. I can’t knit without looking yet, so maybe it is watching the stitches as well as seeing the scenery out of the corner of my eye?

I can successfully knit on an airplane, but not during takeoff and landing (when the ground is visible).

The weird thing is that I usually never get motion sickness, no matter how violent the roller coaster or even on that Teacup ride at Disney World. I have always been able to read in the car (my mom can’t) and can still do that. Maybe I’ll try it again when (if) I get good enough to knit with my eyes closed.

It bothers me, too. I don’t have trouble on planes though either. However, I DO get motion sickness and don’t go on rides like the teacups. Ack! :zombie:

I can knit in the car but try to have something where I don’t have to read a pattern. Reading makes me very sick. There are bands that you wear on your wrist that help with nausea called seabands that may help.

Thank goodness I can happily read or knit for hours, even on the windiest roads, though I know many who can’t. So sorry that you are missing all that quality knitting time! I assume you’ve tried the OTC remedies, but have you asked your doctor if there is something else you can try for motion sickness?

I can usually knit in the car with no problems unless we’re on very winding roads. I get sick then and have to put it away. I can knit on the plane too but not during takeoff and landing. :slight_smile: Glad to know I’m somewhat “normal!” LOL

I get almost 1 1/2 hours of knitting in every day in the car! I ride with DH to work and we have about a 40 minute commute. I always have some kind of “simple” project (hat, scarf, straight stitch sweater) going for car knitting. IT doens’t make me car sick unless I am trying to knit and read a pattern.

My DH even installed a “knitting light” (a head lamp wrapped around the sun visor that shines down into my lap) for knitting when it’s dark on either end of the commute!

I can do it. I can’t read in the car, not even a couple of words, without feeling horrible. Knitting doesn’t bother me though!

I can’t even look down in the car for longer than a few minutes without getting sick. But, I can knit something simple where I don’t have to look at it as much but even that sometimes bothers me.

I can usually knit in the the car, but there is one town around here that the road to it is so curvey, I can NEVER get anything done.

On the highway, yes. On winding mountain roads…nope.

No - I can’t knit or read in the car either.

I’m glad i’m not the only one! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I swing in my hammock chair and knit I get [B]VERY [/B]nauseous. Within 5 minutes I have to go back in the house. I can knit on a plane with no problem, like you said. I don’t have motion sickness either.

I thought it was just me. I guess it’s not.

Thanks for the post!

I get sick on swings so I’d probably have the same problem.


I haven’t tried any remedies for motion sickness yet. I figured the best thing is to just not get out the knitting. :verysad:

Besides, most of those drugs are the type of antihistamine that makes you drowsy (ie Benadryl) and let me tell ya, I wouldn’t be able to knit after taking one of those! :sleepy: :passedout:

:teehee: I’ve tried Dramamine, Bonine and generic versions. They tend to make me sleepy. I also take Benedryl at night intentionally to help me sleep! I got horribly sick on boat to Catalina after I’d taken the full dose of Bonine once so I tend not to trust them that much anymore. :shrug:

:waah: Nope, I can’t knit or read or anything in the car. Heck, I even have a hard time just [I]being a passenger!![/I] I get terrible motion sickness. In fact, if I swivel around in my chair at work too much, I get a sick headache. :shrug: I’ve always wanted to take a cruise but there’s no way–I’d spent the whole time hanging over the rail. :teehee:

:ducks for cover: I can knit and read in the car. Never knitted on a plane but know I would have an issue with that.

As for a cruise the ships are SO big you can barely tell they are out on the ocean or so I’ve been told. This is on hubby & I’s want to do list and eventually we will get to do one.

I don’t have motion sickness but never could read in any moving vehicle so know I would not be able to knit. Something about looking down and moving at the same time. Ugh. Have taken several cruises and only one time I felt sea sick but then even the ship’s crew we were told suffered during that one. Guess I’ll have to be content with going along simply for the ride.

I LOVE to knit in the car, and living in a city where everything is done in cars, I get lots done! I can knit without looking so maybe that’s why I don’t get car sick. Have you tried knitting in the back seat? Might that help?

I get sick on swings, but I LOVE roller coasters and trill rides and I knit anytime I’m in the car and not driving. Funny a little kids swing will make me sick but a HUGE fast roller coaster won’t…