Knitting In The Bar Again

Tonight I stopped into the Applebee’s next to the hotel in which I am currently staying, in WI.

Everyone who works there knows me, and I know most everyone who works there.

As is my way I took along my knitting pack and was working as I sat and enjoyed a few cold ones.

I picked up some nice green Encore in WA recently, thinking to make a hat, but had so far been frustrated by starting mistakes such as twisted stitches and stitch counts being wrong.

Last night I had given up on the idea of a hat and started working out some sort of a scarf instead, but as I was working today I decided that despite this skein’s obvious lack of desire to be a hat I was going to make it a hat anyway.

So while I was there I once again cast on the stitches and started working on a hat. Despite the five previous flobbed starts it actually went well and the hat thing actually started to take shape.

Of course there were the usual “whatcha making?” sort of questions, but I fielded those with most of my attention on forcing this skein of yarn to become a hat.

One server stopped by to take a look and tell me that she knew I would make a hat of it. She had been there last night when I had flubbed up yet again and declared that I was done trying to make a hat of that skein (I made a hat for her a couple of years ago).

I had a good time finally making this skein of yarn want to be a hat despite it’s previous resistance to the idea.

It won’t be a fancy hat by any means, just a simple ribbed hat, but it WILL be a hat. And I will wear it.

Saw your title and remembered this photo… :lol: I’m glad you’ve finally knit that yarn into submission! :teehee:

:rofl::rofl: Love the pic.


LOL - glad you got that ball of yarn under control!! It’s amazing what a bit of persistence can accomplish! :slight_smile:


I know what you mean…some balls of yarn just don’t agree with you!

I am having a ball of KP palette being a little fussy with me right now…but I think it is just a fussy yarn…not the project

Maybe it just wanted to be a SIMPLE hat…

LOL! Jan, I love the LOLCat!

Hey, congrats on getting the skein under control, Mason. :wink:

Had the same problem with some sock yarn - glad you prevailed :wink:


I wanted your opinion. Hope you are well!! :waving: :blooby:

Way to go Mason!!

Maybe it just needed a couple of beers.

So far only a slight increase, nothing to get excited about. Overall, the money is still wanting.

Well, the beers were there the first several times it didn’t work out :rofl:


Nah, couldn’t be the beers :teehee:

Congrats! I just love your knitting/adult beverage stories :slight_smile:

I don’t know how many times I’ve frogged a piece because I couldn’t get it to work - I thought it was me but now I [U]know[/U] it was the yarn.

Thank you.


Congrats on showing that yarn who’s the boss! I can hardly wait to see a picture. Sometimes the tough projects end up being the most rewarding.

I had a similar experience recently with some sock yarn. I had to start completely over 3 times before the yarn started cooperating with me.

I tried frowning at the yarn, calling it unpleasant names (such as a certain ‘craft store brand of yarn’ name), complimenting it (you are SO pretty), and finally reasoning with it (come on, you are sock yarn, so you need to be a pair of socks).

Not sure what happened, but it finally clicked and I am now doing the gusset decreases on the first sock. Whew! This yarn has been stubborn but it is turning into a lovely sock.

Love reading your stories, Mason! and that ‘cat walking into a bar’ pic - priceless!

Now I need to see a cartoon pic of a man taming a ball of yarn, haha. Going to think about that for awhile. I know someone who draws cartoons, maybe he will help draw one up, hehe.

looking forward to seeing a pic of your new hat.

Sometimes you gotta just break the yarn in…glad you were able to get the hat going…:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

me too!! love your new photo!!:blooby:

Sometimes the only thing that works for me are threats… I’ll give you to cat if you don’t behave… works every time…