Knitting in the air


I’m traveling abroad this summer (don’t you just love the way that sounds!) and I was wondering if anyone has tried to take needles on a plane with them lately. I can understand where metal straight needles would be a no-no, but what about bamboo circs? Think I could get away with it? I’d hate to have my knitting stolen from me be airport cops, but then again, I’d hate to be sitting still for 8 hours without yarn to amuse me.

Any suggestions?

Australia/New Zealand is a definite no. Go figure with all of those sheep :??

I didn’t have any problem in and out of Asia, except for leaving my knitting on the plane!

I would check on a travel board for the country you are visiting. Domestic flights are up to the descretion of the screener. I would recommend circular over straights and bamboo over metal.

Have a great trip!

I’m flying into Zurich, and I know they are probably ok with the knitting, but I’m not sure how the US feels about needles in the air. Have you flown out of the states with needles in tow before?

I’ve read that many people have had luck getting the Denise needles on and off planes with no problems, but I have not tested that theory myself.

So maybe my interchangable needles would be the best.

I have flown a great bit since I started knitting and I have had no problems with any needles. I almost had to beat up a TSA agent when he started yanking my knitting out of the bag almost pulling all the sts off the needle, but other than that it has been fine. I always check the TSA web site for any updates to the rules before I go.

Here is information from TSA.

I had packed some metal straight knitting needles in a suitcase and was asked if I had wanted to carry them on. I think a lot of it depends on the airport. I’ve heard some people suggest that you print off the page from TSA to show to the screeners if they question having knitting. It always is best to be prepared with a self addressed envelope in case it is a problem.

[color=orange]i would LOVE to see THAT story on the news![/color] :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

I would think an agency that would allow 4 packs of matches and a lighter onto an airplane after Richard Reed tried to blow up his shoes should prolly shut up about knitting needles. :rollseyes:

but that’s just my opinion of course! :rofling:

Thanks girls! I will print out the TSA info and take it with me. I have heard of taking an envelope along with me too.

So, I should be able to fly with my bamboo circs - and if anyone gets in my way I will take a page from shellebelle and pretect my knitting from those evil airport cops! :XX:

I just flew last week and had 3 projects in a bag I took on the plane. All my needles were made of Ash Wood - & I had plastic tapestry needles - and my scissors I had were the kind that are rounded on the end - got those from a quilting store - not the kids kind. But I had no problems at all. My step daughter flew to Italy a few months ago and she had the regular needles and she made it through fine. I wouldnt chance those though. But I know as long as they are bamboo or any sort of wood - you’re good.

I was able to finish my match to my socks on the way down and got started on the next pair on the way home. A great time to knit!

I would also like to point out that not all airports have mailboxes. When I flew to Seattle from Long Beach, CA the airport in LB didn’t have one as we found out. Fortunately they let my knitting on! From that experience I think I would only take one set of needles on the plane and put the rest in the checked luggage. That way if the DO confiscate your needles you’ve only lost one and it’s easier to replace.

I just returned from Washington D.C., they allowed plastic needles… I had 14" Aero and they didn’t even blink. They told me they allow wood or plastic, metal of course was out. Flew through Kansas City and it was same. Hope that helps.


I just got back from Japan and flying from there to San Francisco had 12" plastic needles and a metal cable needle that went through without raising an eyebrow. I would rather have had bamboo but I was afraid they would have a problem with it. Anyway no problem on the flight from SF to LA either.

Ivwould check directly with the airline before you go. Just seen this discussion recently on another forum and there seemed to be fairly mixed experiences. Airline should be able to tell you though.

They definitly dont let you take knitting needles in the UK. I had to put mine in the luggage.
Was so stressfull not knitting when I am in the crash position when flying as I am scared.
we were flying over the alps and some fool decided to smoke in the toilet and put the cigarette down the loo. I was absoloutley panick struck when they dashed in with an extinguisher until they managed to convince me we werent on fire and my fella told me to shut up.
so yeah funnny how they let you take lighters on but no knitting needles with work on. like who`s gonna stab someone with needles while you have work on it? would make a terrible mess of your wool.

It does also depend on the airline. I know that British Airways will not allow knitting on. Why? Dunno - crazy if you ask me.