Knitting in Temecula

Hello to you both,
Palm Springs and Highland are both close to an hour from here, maybe a little less, sans traffic…
I don’t know anyone who knits, I would be super interested if you start an occasional get together!
layla in temecula

Callmesusan invited me to come last week and I was going to come on the Monday evening during my spring break, but I impaled my foot in two places on some glass and couldn’t drive for a few days. Now I am back in school, and it is less convenient. Perhaps in the summer I can make it. Or one of these mondays…

Temecula is about an hour away for me. It would be nice to get a So Cal group together. We’re kinda spread out all over, but I don’t mind driving.

We knit in Temecula!!!

We have a group that meets at the LYS on Monday nights, but next week will be the last week to meet at the shop. She is closing on Mondays. We are working on a new venue, and I am certain there will be no interruption in our knit night.

PM me and I will give you more details if you are interested. Some of our knitters have been knitting for 30+ years and others learned a couple of months ago. There is some awesome knitting going on in our group and we have a great time together!

My father in law lives in Lake Elsinore… and we are transferring to Coronado (hubby is in the Navy) this sept. We might be staying with him until we get into base housing.

How far is Ventura County from Temecula?? I’m currently in Camarillo but moving to Santa Paula at the end of the month, so this month is out but I’d like to get together with some knitters…

I haven’t been on this forum for a while but I lurk often.

I’m in central San Diego, but I’d be more than willing to drive to Temecula for a So Cal knit night :smiley:

I’m in temecula too! would love to meet up with some fellow knitters!

I’m in San Diego, but I’d also drive up for a knit night!

Hello “callmesusan” and other Temecula people –
I tried to send a PM (guessing that’s “Private Message”) but it says I have to have 2 posts to do that. Looks like these posts are many years old, anyone still knitting in Temecula?

Amanda and Mary… that is a 5 yr old post and none of those people are active in the forum anymore.