Knitting in squares

I saw someone else knitting a blanket like this so I had to try. It’s not squares, but knit in strips and then sewn together (with the border picked up and knit). So much fun and so many possibilities!!! The red-white-blue one is for the Project Linus TAPS program.

Both of those blankets turned out beautifully. You chose striking color combinations. I’m sure they will be loved by the recipients.
Well done!

Both are gorgeous! I love geometric shapes, and the colors are beautiful. Besides, who doesn’t love red, white, and blue, right?

Very bright and colorful!!!Congrates!!! I’m making almost the same one now.

Those are beautiful! :slight_smile:

Very nice blankets! I like the technique. Made for a very smooth transition.

Those are both great!

What type of yarn did you use? I think I saw something like this in a magazine…I need to go through my old issues…Love both of them!

Usamacka - for the multi one it was Michael’s Loops and Threads Impeccable. It’s not wonderful but once it’s washed, it gets nice and soft. The red-white-blue one is Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn”. For an inexpensive yarn, it’s WONDERFUL! Really soft, knits up nicely. Both are worsted weight, and I used size 9 or 10 needles. I did not have a pattern, just figured out how big I wanted it to be, plotted it out on paper, and started knitting. Since it is knitted in strips, it’s easy to take along, not unwieldy like afghans often get. By slipping the first stitch, the seams are nice and smooth on the back.

They are lovely and look so nice and warm

Wonderful! I love them both and how nice of you to support this project.

Very nice, both of them! :muah:

a question for you: how did you sew them up? I just finished a similar baby blanket project, and thought that sewing might come undone, so I crocheted the panels together, which left a ridge on one side.

Can you show me the underside? and how the sewn stitches look? That would be helpful to me.


Woodi - yes, I sewed the strips together. It went together pretty cleanly because I slip the first stitch of each row.

Lucky you asked me now to take a picture, as I am giving it away for a charity auction this weekend! The red/white/blue one has already been turned over to Project Linus.

The technique I use is something like this:

Here is the picture of the reverse side:

Your seams are perfect. Thanks for this information and the picture!