Knitting in round with reversable cuff

I am knitting a sock that has a cuff that is reversed so it shows the cable when folded over.

The instructions are this:
[B][I]When piece measures 20cm turn your work - i.e. continue to knit from WS (the 20 cm that’s been knitted is to be folded when sock is finished)[/I][/B]

Don’t understand how to do this!!!

Welcome to KH. Is this knitted flat or in the round? Can you link to your pattern or tell us its name please?

ETA: Oy. The thread title SAYS knitting in the round.

It sounds like this pattern or one close to it:

You’re knitting in the round and knitting with the outside of the tube facing you. When you come to the beginning of round or some convenient spot, instead of working the next stitch, turn your work so that you’re knitting on the inside of the tube. You’ll work over the sts that you just knit.
It seems odd but that’s what the directions are describing. You can work a round and then you can actually pull your knit fabric through the center of the tube so that you’re again working on the outside of the tube (this is like turning a sleeve right side out). The initial 20cm will now show the wrong side of the sock but that’s ok.

i just did this, for that peppermint hat i posted last week… because it had a brim done in p2/k1 ribbing, and i’d rather do k2/p1, i did that, and then turned it inside-out… once i got to that beginning of round there was just a teensy tiny hole, which i took care of using the cast-on tail.

That hole is avoidable. The video is for garter stitch but the turn technique will work with other patterns. Do pull the wrap yarn tight, I’ve had a big, ugly loop there when I didn’t. If you’d rather just close it with the tail, then do it that way.

Thanks GG. That’s a wonderful video for illustrating just this step.

The pattern is

That video did the trick! Thanks so much. It just didn’t seem right to knit back over what I had just knitted

I knew I came to the right place!

Those are cute! I’m sure they’ll be very warm too.
Many things look absolutely wrong the first time we do them. They may still look wrong when we do them again but knowing what it is that’s going on helps. I hope you’ll share a photo.

great tip - thanks! :wink: