Knitting in round tip

I found this tip by making a mistake.I was knitting the ribbing on my sweater in the round and then I had to change to bigger needle for body (I have interchangeable needles) so I changed one end to bigger needle size and I’m knitting :x: away for about 4 rounds and went oh sh#t I forgot to change the other end of my cable to larger needle. :shock: Well to my surprise :pout: I didn’t have to change it because I’m only using the left hand side to take stitches off.The right hand needle is the one doing the knitting AND it actually made it easier to knit the stitches off the left hand needle because the needle is smaller so I can get the right needle into the stitches easier :shock: .I am a tight knitter so this mistake is making my knitting much easier :woohoo: Just thought I’d share my mistake with you all :psst:

When I was doing 2 socks on 2 circs, I would use a size 3 on the right needle and a size 2 on the left. It works great!

Wow…that would be easier to insert the smaller in the larger…the tension stayed right?

The tension is formed by the right/working needle, so the loops coming off the left won’t be affected by the smaller needle size. They’ll just be a little bigger/looser.

Wow!! good tip, thanks!!! :muah: