Knitting in Round; Tail on right at beginning?

I can’t believe I’m having to ask this question, but I’m having so many distractions tha I’m having a hard time concentrating. I’m knitting a toe-up sock on ML and having trouible remembering whether I’m on the first or second half of the round. Seems to me that the tail should be on my right at the beginning of each round, but I’m afraid to trust myself. Can someone please verify this for me? I fell really foolish, but insecure.

Where the tail is depends on your cast on. The working yarn should be on the right however if you want to join. :wink:

I did a Turkish cast on . My problem is remembering whether I’m working on the first half of the round or the second half. The workiing yarn is on the right either way.

The cast-on tail should be on the same side as the working yarn at the beginning of the round.


I don’t think I was very clear. It is a toe-up sock with a Turkish cast on. That doesn’t really require a join like most cast ons do for knitting in the round. It is almost alredy joined.

I went back and frogged the toe and cast on again. At the beginning of a round with this cast on, the tail is on the LEFT, the working yarn is, of course, on the right. Go figure! anywhoo, I figured it out. thanks for the help.

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