Knitting in round: stepped rows?

Hey all!
I am a very new knitter (just learned a couple weeks ago) and graduated to dpns just the other day. When I take the knitting off the needles, I notice that there is an “edge” where the rows don’t match up. It looks like I have been working in a spiral. How can I fix this or prevent it from happening in the first place?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Whenever you’re knitting in the round, you are knitting in a spiral. Don’t know that there is really any way to fix it.

For me that little bump happens at the point where I started knitting – that is where my yarn tail is hanging out at the beginning of my round.

I can usually fix it by some creative weaving in of the tail when I’m done knitting.

To do join that isn’t as obvious, you can either swap the first and last cast on sts, or CO an extra one, slip it to your left needle, work the first row and knit it together with your last stitch. On the BO, when I get to the last stitch, I pick up a st by inserting my needle into the first BO stitch (in the middle, not the top) and BO the loop over that one. Both methods help make the CO and BO rows more even.